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31 weeks pregnant

Go pro(tein)


The extra 10-plus grams of protein you need per day during pregnancy is approximately equivalent to the amount in 1-1/2 ounces of meat or 1-1/4 cups of milk. Some good sources of protein are meats, poultry, fish, dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese), eggs, whole grains, tofu, nuts, beans, and other legumes. 

If you’re looking for some tasty ways to make sure you get enough protein, here are nine ideas:

  1. Burrito — rice, beans and cheese with the meat of your choice
  2. Chicken salad
  3. Chili — with several kinds of beans and ground turkey or beef
  4. Cottage cheese (or ricotta)
  5. Egg salad or deviled eggs
  6. Frozen yogurt or yogurt with fruit
  7. Hummus — nice served with pita bread
  8. Smoothies and milkshakes — add protein powder for an extra boost
  9. Soup — lentil, split pea and navy bean are all legumes high in protein

Dress it up


It is understandable that you will feel a bit lost once you can no longer fit into your favorite pair of jeans or your never-fail wrap dress. Lucky for you, PB's list of all the tried-and-true maternity fashion finds (from both "real" moms and celebrity moms) will soon be your new go-to clothes. In fact, you may like them so much, you won't want to give them up once baby arrives!

Click here for maternity wear ideas

In the know

Everyone's heard about babies who are breech. In a breech presentation, the baby is positioned head up, and, if delivered vaginally, would be born buttocks first or with one or both feet first. Breech positioning is relatively uncommon, occurring in fewer than five percent of all births.

Breech baby

If your baby is breech shortly before delivery, can he or she be moved into the correct position? The breech presentation occurs in about 3 to 4 percent of pregnancies at term (37 weeks and beyond). External cephalic version is a procedure to aid in the turning of a baby from the breech position to the vertex (head down) position. A woman who is 37 weeks or farther along in her pregnancy is considered a candidate for a version. Generally, most babies have turned by this time. If performed too early, a baby has the potential to "flip" back to the breech position, requiring re-version. Read more on external version here.

Sibling rivalry already?

A reader writes: "My son is four years old. I recently told him I was pregnant. He is happy when I talk to him about it. However, since he found out he has been hateful and mean to everyone, throwing fits often. What do I do?"

Grumpy boy

Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Baby Books: The Ultimate Guide to Your Baby's First Year, answers: "You are wise to read between the lines when it comes to your son's behavior. He may be trying to mask his true feelings -- pretending to be excited about being a big brother because he thinks that's how he's supposed to feel when, in fact, he may actually be less than thrilled about the fact that there's a baby on the way. The best way to deal with the situation is to give your son plenty of opportunities to express his true feelings. Talk about other kids you know who don't like their baby brothers, or maybe read a children's book that explores some of these themes. The important thing is to let your son know that his feelings are perfectly normal and that he can talk to you about whatever it is he's feeling. He needs to know that you won't get upset or angry if he expresses his true feelings. Read more here!

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