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Feeling overwhelmed by pregnancy? How's your partner doing? It might be nice to declare a 100% baby-free, responsibility-free weekend. Have a picnic, take a stroll on the beach, go to dinner, go dancing, talk by candlelight until the sun comes up and then sleep until the afternoon.

Don't worry about becoming parents (or parents again), about birth, about decorating the baby's room, about your health, about insurance -- just relive the good ol' days and have some fun!

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What's in a name?

Having an old-fashioned or strong and masculine name for a boy, or a sensitive and demure name for a girl, may be the aim of one parent whose partner prefers a trendsetting, original name.

Although consulting a book of names, family members and even psychics are proven methods to determine the name that's best suited to your preferences, there are a few unique and fun alternatives that can help you discover the perfect name for your little one.

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Suffer from migraines? You aren't alone. Headaches are quite common during pregnancy, affecting between 15 and 20 percent of pregnant women. Headaches are the most common neurological problem encountered during pregnancy.

A reader writes: "I always get migraine headaches. Is there anything I can do?"

David Barrere, MD, FACOG answers: "Women with a history of headaches are more at risk while pregnant. However, in some studies, women with migraine headaches actually show a marked decrease (of about 80 percent) in their symptoms while pregnant. Explaining such a paradox is difficult. When migraine headaches do strike, try to identify a possible cause (certain foods, sleep deprivation, stress, etc). Often, however, a primary factor cannot be identified. Lying down in a quiet, dark room and using an ice pack or cool facecloth may help reduce the pain."

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Itchin' for a baby

Prurigo of pregnancy consists of very itchy, tiny bumps that can appear almost anywhere on the skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, this lovely pregnancy side effect can appear during any trimester, though most commonly shows up between weeks 20 and 34, with a few bumps appearing and increasing in number each day. The good news is that the condition is quite rare. 

Message board mama Tia suffered through the experience of Prurigo gestationis, and wrote:

"I started breaking out in a rash last weekend and it has quickly spread to most of my body. I am absolutely covered in itchy hives. On Monday, I went to the ER to try to get some relief, as it was completely unbearable. Bad news is that when you're pregnant, there is no medicine that would be of any help that is safe for me to take. And since it is internal, the anti-itch creams, etc. don't work except momentarily. The rash spreads through any sort of heat or friction, therefore clothing even breaks me out wherever the cloth touches my skin. I cant sleep, laying on the bed makes me break out, and I definitely cannot use any blankets. I can't be hot at all, as this aggrivates it, and I cant even sit down without the backs of my legs breaking out. I am completely miserable."

Unfortunately, prurigo often remains for several months and may even persist after baby arrives. If you think you have this or any other skin problem, talk to your caregiver about available treatments and ways to soothe the itch.

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