Your baby this week
30 weeks pregnant

Lunar Month Eight

(29 to 32 weeks)

This next month is full of changes for your baby! During the eigth month the baby's growth in weight and length slows. New fat makes the baby appear more filled out. Approximately eight percent of the baby's weight is white fat, epecially on the arms and legs.

many babies

The most babies

The peak time of year for births is late summer, while the fewest babies are born in the middle of winter and around the holidays.

Cheap nursery ideas

rainbow kite

Racking your brain trying to think of some baby-friendly -- and inexpensive -- wall hangings for the nursery? Frame some colorful posters in inexpensive plastic/Lucite frames (secure them to the wall at the top and bottom) to make the room complete. Check out a learning store or teacher's supply center for some fun and educational visual aids, especially for laminated posters that won't need framing. Other great wall decorations include kites, flags, pennants, mirrors and bright plastic clocks.

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How to do a baby kick count

Many pregnant mamas I've known place a lot of importance on baby kicks. Baby kicks are important, but you also don't have to panic if kicks slow a little toward your baby's expected due date. As babies grow they run out of room and seem less active - it's not usually a big deal. It only means you're closer to welcoming your little one to the world. That said, it is wise to do periodic kick counts. A kick count is how you can assess your baby's movements. This can include flutters, kicks, rolling, and any other baby activity going on in your belly. By about 28 weeks - sooner for second time mamas - you can start doing kick counts. Learn how here!

Beware of maternity care

pregnant woman questionWe often discuss ways to keep labor and birth as intervention-free and as natural as possible. Why do we dwell?

  • Interventions are at an all time high in the United States, and unnecessarily so.
  • Women deserve the best and safest birth experience possible, and for some women that may mean interventions due to health factors, but overwhelmingly evidence points out that interventions lead to more interventions plus complications and worse, many women who get these interventions don’t even need them.
  • Birth interventions can pose a danger to babies.
  • Women have rights and those rights include choosing the labor and birth they want (barring emergencies).

Consumer Reports has two pieces that can help you make smart and safe labor and birth decisions…

  1. Test your knowledge of maternity care at Consumer Reports. Find out what’s fact and what’s myth when it comes to healthy and safe maternity care. Take the quiz!
  2. Back to basics for safer childbirth: This Consumer Reports study found that too many healthy American women with low-risk pregnancies are being routinely subjected to high-tech or invasive interventions that should be reserved for higher-risk pregnancies. Find out which interventions were most overused.

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