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30 weeks pregnant

Do the nursery on a budget

You're nearly seven months pregnant and sporting a baby bump the size of a large watermelon. But you're finding that the last thing you want to do is take it easy. That's because your nesting instinct is kicking in big time.

So, it's time to tackle the nursery. But what can you really do during a recession? Check out our tips to decorate your baby's nursery on a dime.

What does a contraction feel like?

When trying to figure out if what you're feeling is an actual labor contraction or not, it may help to visualize what's going on. During a contraction, the pain (most people who call it "pressure" instead of "pain" probably had the epidural early on) comes from the uterus working first to open the cervix, and then to push the baby down the birth canal.

As labor progresses, contractions gradually become stronger, longer and closer together... and, yes, often harder to deal with. Many women describe their early contractions feeling much like strong menstrual cramps, while others use terms like sharp, intense and miserable. Click here to find out some other ways moms described their contrax!

Maternity tank top

Got style?

A bump-hugging tank with shirred sides is a maternity essential. You can wear it alone -- as seen to the right here -- or layered under shirts for an entirely different look! The side-shirring ensures a perfect fit throughout your pregnancy.

Find out more about this top here, and also check out this article about how to buy casual maternity clothes!

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About "natural" childbirth

Newborn and mama

Wanting to learn more about natural childbirth? Shelly Girard, BS, LMT, LM, CPM, writes, "While on a vacation in Maui, my husband and I ate dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Lahaina with a young couple from Washington DC -- he a computer programmer, she a finance analyst in managed health care.

"As the multitalented chef sauted vegetables while juggling spatula and knife, the pair learned that I was a midwife and asked the inevitable question: 'Why would anyone want to have a midwife and a "natural" birth instead of going to the hospital with an obstetrician and have drugs?' The tofu lobbed off of my chopsticks in midair as I drew in a deep breath and asked them if they had the whole evening..."

Read the whole story here!

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