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Identical twins

Identical twins are formed when a single egg, fertilized by a single sperm, divides (often after implantation in the uterus). This type of twinning is not considered to be hereditary, although the cause of the division is not known and has nothing to do with fertility drugs.

Two sets of identical quadruplets were born in the US in 1997 -- a set of boys in Las Vegas, and a set of girls in New York. The chances of having identical quads is said to be 1 in about 11 million -- so to have two such sets in one year really beat the odds!

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Low-tech detection

Getting back to basics: How do you know if you're pregnant? Currently there are some pretty high-tech home urine tests around that can detect pregnancy super early. However, high-tech aside, there are other, more traditional ways to know that you may be pregnant. Read on for the scoop!

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Conception date & baby achievement

Does the time of year in which a child is conceived influence future academic achievement? Yes, according to research by neonatologist Paul Winchester, MD, Indiana University School of Medicine professor of clinical pediatrics.

The researchers found that scores for math and language were distinctly seasonal, with the lowest scores received by children who had been conceived in June through August.

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Dreaming of twins

Mother's intuition -- and a few dreams and other coincidences -- told 27-year-old Kate from Iowa that she was having twins. "I suspected I was pregnant with twins when while making eggs for my husband one morning, I cracked two eggs in a row with double yolks. I also had a dream that I got a letter from my doctor saying I was pregnant with twins -- and two weeks later, that same letter arrived in the mail, looking identical to the one in my dream. I had a feeling all along that I was carrying twins, even though my doctor dismissed that at first."

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