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About 150 eggs are beginning to ripen within your ovaries. Usually only one will reach maturity, capable of being fertilized. You were born with almost half a million eggs, most of which will only serve as nourishment to those that ripen.

What is basal body temperature (BBT)?

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It's simply your base body temperature -- that is, before movement, caloric consumption or anything else is factored in.

Soon after your period starts, your basal body temperature is on the low end. After your ovary releases an egg (ovulation), your temperature will rise about one half degree, and will remain on this plateau until your next period. You have the best chance of getting pregnant on the two to three days before the rise in basal temperature, and on the actual day of ovulation.

If you do chart your BBT, you might notice certain patterns, such as a temperature drop on the day before your period starts. What kind of thermometer do you use for charting purposes? Did you know there are thermometers that are created just for basal body temperature taking?

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Maternity Fashion

Okay, okay, this may be a bit early for "maternity fashion." But did you know that as ovulation approaches, women tend to put more effort into their clothing and grooming during their most fertile periods? Conventional wisdom has long held that humans hide all signs of ovulation, even from themselves and their mates.

Indeed, numerous scientific studies have been devoted to identifying what the evolutionary advantage might be to disguising fertility. But research conducted in 2006 found that there are detectable differences in the way we dress as our body gears up for ovulation. Read more about this fascinating study!

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