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Fraternal twins (dizygotic) are created when two separate eggs released during the same ovulation cycle are fertilized by two separate sperm. The babies will not be any more identical than normal siblings, and boy/girl combinations are possible.

This type of twinning is more likely to occur where there is maternal family history of fraternal twins. (Fraternal twins on the father's side? Doesn't matter -- the father's bloodline can't affect the number of eggs the mother releases. Who might it affect? Your daughter.)

Fraternal twins, which occur when two separate eggs are fertilized, are the more common type of twins, representing about two thirds of all twin births in the United States. Your chances of having fraternal twins appear to increase with your age and the number of children you have.

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De-stress for you & baby, too

Did you know that stress itself is linked to miscarriage? There is little in the world of infertility quite as stressful for patients as recurrent miscarriage. So, with the release of a new study identifying stress itself as a possible cause of miscarriage, infertility specialists are now examining ways in which their patients can heighten their chances of a healthy pregnancy by reducing stress.

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Why eating right matters

Everyone's heard the adage, "You are what you eat." Well, during pregnancy, your baby is what you eat, too! If you're trying to get pregnant, you want your body to be as healthy as possible so you can start off your pregnancy on the right foot. Get some nutritious tips here!

When best to test

When is the best time to take a pregnancy test? The answer: In the morning, typically you haven't been drinking anything and haven't peed for several hours, so therefore, your urine is more concentrated.

Strong first-morning urine is easy for most women to manage, and therefore is the method of choice. However, if you can recreate these same conditions at another time of day, you're good to go. What does that take? Just hold off on going to the bathroom for at least four hours, and cut down on your liquid intake for the duration. (Remember -- you only need a little bit of urine for the pregnancy test.)

A super simple way to tell if your pee is potent: Concentrated urine will clearly be lemon yellow, versus the pale yellow/clear urine you will have when you're well-hydrated.

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