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27 weeks pregnant

Survey says...

Pink or blue?

We asked P&B readers: Are you going to find out if it's a boy or a girl? Here's what they had to say:

Yes - I want to plan!: 37%
Yes - I'm impatient: 30%
Yes - I think it will help me bond: 11%
No - I definitely want to wait until birth: 9%
I really can't decide!: 8%
No - I like surprises: 5%

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Your baby now

Baby's taste buds are forming, and he may respond to a variety of tastes such as bitter, sweet, and sour.

fetal development

 How does your baby grow? See the stages week by week!

Get a pregnancy portrait!

Pregnancy portrait

Take advantage of your ripe, pregnant form and create a special gift for your loved one: a professional pregnancy portrait signed with love from you and baby-to-be.

Where do you start? We chatted with Sandra Coan, a Seattle photographer specializing in black and white pregnancy photography, and got some tips on choosing the right photographer.

Always ask to see portfolios. "Make sure that their style matches your own. You should also ask what a typical session entails. Every photographer is different in this respect. Some will have you come to their studio; others will come to your home. Think about what will make you most comfortable."

Find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable. "Most pregnancy portraits are nude or semi-nude. Feeling uncomfortable with your photographer could result in awkward portraits."

How long will your session last? "Each photographer will differ on the amount of time a portrait session will take. Your photo session should be a quiet, relaxed time that allows you to reflect on your pregnancy."

Don't forget to ask about… "Pricing! And what the prices include. Above all, don't be afraid to communicate what you want. Be specific. Your photographer will appreciate your suggestions and you will end up with better portraits."

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In real life

Parents-to-be"I'm six months pregnant now. I'm having a growth spurt this morning. I feel achy and stretchy in my stomach. I also feel a little gymnast inside of me. I'm starting to be able to differentiate hands and arms from feet and legs. My husband can, too. That's exciting. I like knowing that there's a little person swimming around inside of me." - Cyndi

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The first handshake in life is the greatest of all: the clasp of an infant's fist around a parent's finger. - Mark Beltaire

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