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It is undeniable that the arrival of a baby, especially the first, transforms the relationship inside a couple. Three people now must share love, time and energy -- the exclusive nature of the couple's relationship comes to an end. Moral and material responsibilities dominate, lives must be better organized, improvising becomes difficult, if not impossible. New conflicts can arise on matters that both partners thought resolved, especially regarding values and important decisions such as education and religion.

Today, a further challenge faces parents. When they become mothers, many women judge their partners according to a new criterion: their ability to be "good fathers." With her newly-acquired protective instinct, even the most relaxed, easygoing woman will become over-critical if the father does not live up to her image of an ideal dad. Yet he is often caught between the weight of tradition and modern expectations. Read on here.

Your baby's room

Baby's room wall stickersAccessorizing the nursery makes it a really special place – but doing so also poses challenges, because safety needs to be first and foremost.

So how can you be both safe and stylish? “Rather than to place things low, we prefer graphics painted to the walls for a crawling baby,” says interior designer Leslie G Parraguirre of Colours Inc. in Las Vegas. “For instance, paint tall grasses containing butterflies, dragonflies, bugs... you name it. They love this for exploring!" (Not much of an artist? You can also find all kinds of amazing wall decals that are perfect for your baby's room.) 

But don’t stop there! “I like antique etchings, with reclaimed painted wood frames,” says Parraguirre. You can also find antique hankies, embroidery pieces, and or needlepoint to frame… Better yet, see if there are things like this from baby's grandmothers that can be framed as a keepsake!”

In the know

The symphysis pubis is the front part of your hip bone, and, as the name might suggest, it can be felt beneath where the pubic hair grows.

These bones are connected by ligaments -- ligaments that can loosen quite noticeably during pregnancy, due to the effects of the hormone relaxin. The purpose of this is to allow your hips to open just a bit as the baby moves through the birth canal. Even a few extra millimeters of space can make a difference to his progress! The down side is that the loosening can be painful, particularly when moving from lying down to a sitting or standing position, or when going from sitting to standing. The pain is often more pronounced in a second or subsequent pregnancy.

Click here for more information and find out what you can do to help with the discomfort.

Good reasons to relax


You don't need to be pregnant to know that stress can make you miserable -- stress can affect anyone negatively. However, during pregnancy, extreme stress can mean more than just a bad mood for you -- it can also mean that you're more likely to have a premature or low birth weight baby.

Find out more about how stress affects your pregnancy here.

Expecting a very little one?

According to the Triplet Connection, very low birth weight babies (infants weighing between 1,200 and 2,000 grams) may meet the Social Security Department's definition of disability. Medicaid and SSI coverage -- or comparable programs outside the US -- can improve access to other services, such as physician visits and medical equipment.

For more information about programs in America, call Social Security's toll-free telephone number, (800) 772-1213 or get the info online: Social Security and SSI For Children With Disabilities.

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