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Carry on bag - from LeSportsac at eBagsEven if you're incredibly vibrant and energetic, most airlines won't let you fly after the 36th week of pregnancy. Flying has no effect on labor, but the risk of labor beginning naturally increases with the duration of your pregnancy.

If you need to travel, talk to your healthcare provider before leaving, bring your medical records and insurance documents with you, and scope out the hospitals in the area you're visiting before you leave home.

3D ultrasounds

3d ultrasound

Millions of ultrasounds are performed each year, usually to rule out certain disorders or problems. For many parents, the ultrasound is a memorable first contact with the little one (or little ones) inside. And while the pictures are great to have, it can be hard to tell what you're looking at -- but as you can see here, images of your baby in 3D make telling the nose from the toes a lot easier!

"The umbilical cord that connects mothers and daughters can never really be severed. To witness the joy, the delight, the comfort, the sweetness in this love was as close to heaven as I can conjure."
- Carol Saline

Got munchies?


You might feel like you have an insatiable appetite and be hungry in between meals. This is because your body now requires more fuel to burn. Try to snack on nutritious, non-fat foods, like fruit or popcorn. To avoid overeating, you may want to plan meals in advance, so that you don't gorge yourself on anything in sight.

A fat ask

A reader asks: "I always thought fat was bad, but now I'm reading about "good fats." What should I do?"

Rick and Jan Hanson answer: "Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are in the news because they are needed for a healthy heart and brain, plus they are absolutely crucial for the healthy development of a fetus or child. Unfortunately, they are usually deficient in mothers since they are drawn on heavily to grow a baby during pregnancy and breast milk is loaded with them, and most women don't have anywhere near enough to start with.

"Increasing your intake of one type of EFAs -- omega-3 oils found in fish and flax -- can help prevent cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, diabetes, and depression. It can also make your hair and skin more moist. Dryness, including dandruff, is a potential sign of omega-3 deficiency. And pregnant or breastfeeding women can help the optimal development of their child's brain by getting optimal amounts of these important oils." 

Click here to find out how to work more EFAs into your daily diet, and see these foods high in heart-healthy omega-3s!

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