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Eat well

Part of preparing for the important job of becoming a mother includes wanting to do what you can to make sure you give your baby the best and healthiest start possible.

Most vegetarian expectant moms are filled with questions about the nutritional requirements of pregnancy. Some vegetarian women also wonder why they crave meat during their pregnancy, and whether or not they should give in to those cravings.

Dr Marci Bowers, an Ob/Gyn in Trinidad, Colorado says a vegetarian diet during pregnancy is absolutely healthy and very compatible with pregnancy. "You simply do not need a PhD in biochemistry in order to eat healthy during pregnancy," says Dr Bowers. "A bit of creativity and common sense are all that are required."

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Miss this?

Here's what one mom-to-be on the P&B message boards says she misses... and what she can't wait for.

I miss being able to:

  • Tie or buckle my shoes without having to do major leg maneuvering in order to reach my feet!
  • Paint my toenails without straining (I have not given up painting them and when I can't any longer, it becomes hubby's job)!
  • Clean my house without having to lie down for the next two days
  • Pluck my eyebrows without feeling my daughter fight with the sink
  • Run 2 miles and then lift weights -- real weights -- for 45 minutes!
  • Sit in a tub filled with HOT water with my bubble mat on full blast
  • Drive my car without the seat so far back I can barely reach the clutch. 

I can't wait for:

  • Look at my beautiful daughter in person for the first time, rather than through an ultrasound!
  • Hear her crying in the middle of the night! 
  • Dress her in the cutest outfits ever made! 
  • Hear her say "Mama" for the first time! 
  • Watch my husband become the wonderful father I have always known he will be! 

Nursery school

Paint the nurseryIf you've decided to wait to find out if you are having a boy or a girl until your child's actual birth day, then choosing a nursery that suits either is your best bet. Nursery design doesn't have to be a challenge for parents who opt to wait for life's ultimate surprise. Consider your favorite theme, fabric, or piece of furniture, and make this item the foundation for your design plan.

Keep the room simple until your baby arrives. Determine your basic color palette and theme -- mix and match colors and fabrics to add fun and flair!

Looking ahead - with twins!

What can you do to survive the first year with twins? (Singleton mamas, note: This advice applies equally to you!)

Many people are, by nature, simply more independent than others. It seems that mothers of multiples often fall into this category. Therefore, when help is offered, many of these women shy away from accepting help, often feeling as though saying "Yes" is the same as admitting (at the top of their lungs) "I can't do this by myself!"

I consider myself to be a relatively independent person, so I feel quite comfortable giving you a direct order on this one: ACCEPT HELP! Be sure that the help actually fulfills your definition, however. Having someone else rock and sing to your babies while you cook and clean is often not viewed as "help" by a new mom of multiples.


Accept the offer from anyone willing to bring a meal, clean your house, do some laundry, or run an errand. You will have more than enough time sooner than you think to return the favor. Think about it: when you offer to help someone in need, you genuinely want to help. So does everyone volunteering his or her time to you right now. Say thank you and open your door (even if you're in your pajamas)!

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