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Yoga has many benefits -- from calming the mind to maintaining fitness. Here’s what four moms had to say about prenatal yoga. (Read more about yoga during pregnancy right here.)

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“Yoga is wonderful when you're pregnant! I don't know what I would do without it. It's great for backaches and more.” - Kate

“I have a pregnancy yoga DVD, and I love it. It is called Yoga Mama (love the name!). It helps with back aches and ‘crazy legs’ or ‘fidgety legs.’” - Sandie

“Just wanted to add my enthusiastic agreement with the statement that yoga is a wonderful thing during pregnancy! I am taking a class and find myself using the stuff I learn a lot, especially to relieve backaches and general discomfort in my hips and low back. It feels so good to stretch all those muscles out, and it's nice to just have a few quiet minutes to focus on you and your baby.” - Jillian

“I'd like to recommend another yoga video for pregnancy: Yoga Zone: Postures for Pregnancy. Highly recommended if you are aching all over... very easy to follow. A husband narrates while his pregnant wife demonstrates the positions.” - Lori

Random pregnancy annoyances

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During pregnancy, you can be at increased risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a swelling along the carpal tunnel in the wrist, which can produce pain, tingling and loss of sensation in the hand. Using wrist rests to prevent flexion during typing, maintaining good posture and drinking plenty of fluids could help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Can you name the 12 signs of the Zodiac? Be sure to check back tomorrow for the answers!

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A P&B reader asks: "How active should a baby be at various stages of pregnancy? Should I be worried if my baby doesn't move a lot?"

Our expert answers: "During the second trimester, the baby's movements are more easily detectable. By 28 weeks, daily movement should be expected. In late gestations, typically 35 weeks and beyond, kick counts are performed daily to assess fetal activity as a sign of well being. In the evening after dinner, the baby's movements are closely monitored for one hour. At least six to 10 movements should be counted during that hour. If not, a sugary food or drink should be consumed and the count continued for an additional hour."

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Is it safe?

It's amazing to realize how so many aspects of your normal life come into question when you're pregnant. There are worries about everything from plane flights to carrying older kids to X-rays and cell phones. So what's okay... and what's not? Get the scoop on some of the most typical pregnancy concerns here: s it safe?

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