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Some celebrity breastfeeders include Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie , Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani,  Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz, Reese Witherspoon, Liv Tyler, Naomi Watts, Celine Dion, Maria Shriver, Katie Couric, Julia Roberts (with twins), Tori Spelling, Jodie Foster, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah MacLachlan, Jenna Elfman, Jada Pinkett Smith, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Holly Robinson (twins), Kate Hudson and Katie Holmes.

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Nearly every culture has its version of noodles, from well-known durum wheat pasta popular in Italian cuisine to buckwheat-based soba noodles used in Japanese fare. You can cozy up with a steaming bowl of sauced noodles on a cool rainy day or complement a warm afternoon picnic with a chilled pasta salad.

The following recipes feature three different types of noodles, each with a unique profile of tastes and textures, that you can enjoy as is or use as inspiration to create your own menu of delicious noodle fare. 

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Relishing the gain


From the P&B message boards

It's funny, I've never been much of an eater. I'm 5’4” and excluding pregnancy, I've never weighed more than 110. Now it truly takes up a lot of my time... The worst part is my husband complaining about the grocery bill, because it has literally doubled! But I just smile and wipe the crumbs off my chin. (After all, it's partially his fault, right?)

But I am absolutely loving it. Thats the truth! How many times in your life will you feel good about gaining weight? When will people see you devouring mass quantities of large food and think its cute? Truth is, I probably will have quite a bit of weight left over, but I figure when this baby gets mobile, she will give me plenty of opportunity to work it off then!

- Kanadora

I hate my doctor! Can I change?

weirdo doctor

In a word, yes — unless it’s the only doctor within 50 miles or or you’re due within a month or so. (Even then there are options, but it will be a lot more complicated.)

Will it be easy, though? That’s not as simple to answer.

First, you need to work out what you want in a caregiver, and then look at what your current physican does or doesn’t offer. Usually, for a woman to want to get a new caregiver partway through pregnancy means that she and the doc have a pretty major difference of philosophy.

For example, you may want a VBAC, and he’s completely against the idea. Or maybe you don’t want to have your labor induced, but your doctor says you have to because the baby’s getting “too big.” Could be even simpler: you don’t like his or her schedule (you’re always waiting), his gender (you’d rather have a woman examine you) or in other ways you just aren’t comfortable.

When looking at another caregiver, the number one priority is to be sure you’re not jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

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