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We live in a shared culture with common experiences that shape our likes and dislikes. That means overlapping tastes -- and as a rule, the closer two people are, the greater the overlap. Many of us have had a long-cherished name "stolen" by friends who had long cherished it themselves. And it's frankly unnerving to discover that the quirky name you've always just happened to like is now a chart topper. Whatever happened to individual style?

Before you panic and name your son Aloysius, remember that communal taste is really a good thing. That shared perspective is exactly what gives names their style and nuance. It's also the context that lets you define your own style, meaningfully. Use the backdrop of your social group, your community and your generation to choose names that make the kind of statement you're looking for.

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He says

From a PB reader who's going to be a dad: I'm really excited about my wife's pregnancy and started to go to the doctor's appointments with her. But the doctor basically ignores me or gives me a silly-looking smile. I want to stay involved, but I'm getting really angry. Is there anything else I can do?

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From our expert: For some expectant dads, the joys and excitement and anticipation they experience as the pregnancy progresses can be outweighed by the bitterness they feel at the way they're treated by their partners' doctors. Sadly, most men who go to their wife's Ob/Gyn appointments feel just like you do: as though they're cute or novel or just annoying.

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There’s no surefire way to prevent preterm birth -- but there are numerous ways you can minimize your chances -- and get a great smile, to boot!

One major issue that’s been researched in recent years is oral health and it’s relationship to preterm birth. Many studies have shown that mamas with high levels of one oral bacteria associated with tooth decay are more likely to deliver low-birth weight preterm babies -- those born before 37 weeks in some cases.

The best prevention is to get your dental health in check before becoming pregnant. Of course, this isn't possible if you're reading this because already pregnant (and don't have the time travel-inducing chrono-impairment gene), so another option is to see your dentist for a cleaning and checkup during your second -- or even third -- trimester.

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How can you relieve the painful leg cramps that are so common during pregnancy -- especially the ones that seem to come in the middle of the night? Lisa Stone, an ACE-certified pre-and post-natal fitness instructor, suggests immediately flexing your feet (the opposite of pointing -- have your toes aiming toward the ceiling or your head) to stretch the calf muscles.

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