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Says SheKnows/ChefMom writer Jen, "What to say about the mango? They are one of our family's favorite fruits for their flavor (tropical), texture (almost creamy), and aroma (heady). Not to mention the color of the mango flesh is like sunshine." 

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Because of the increased mobility in your joints, caused by hormonal changes in preparation for the birth, the sacrococcygeal, sacroiliac and pubic joints can all be affected, contributing to the change in your posture and subsequent pain in your back.

You can treat this with a heating pad or rice sock, rest and a non-aspirin analgesic such as Tylenol (acetaminophen or paracetamol). You may also want to try a maternity belt or girdle, which helps provide support to the growing uterus.

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X-Files Actress Gillian Anderson was at work up until two days before the birth of her daughter, Piper. Her condition was not reflected in the show's scripts, and the production company filmed "creatively" to disguise her pregnancy. She appeared in the first six episodes of second season, was written out of the seventh, and returned in the eighth. After the birth (by C-section), she took six weeks off to recover and spend some time at home.

Baby names of the 70s

Were you born in the 70s? Nixon was in office; Chicago, Simon & Garfunkel and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young ruled the charts; and George C. Scott won the best actor Academy Award for "Patton." Click here for the most popular baby names in this decade! Be sure to check out our extensive Baby Name section devoted exclusively to naming your baby!

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NewbornAppointment today! Blood pressure good... was worried it might be high because I was so worried about my weight. Iron levels good. Heartbeat was 156. Soooo glad there's still a living baby in there!

Buuuut...the worst part (well, besides waiting in the little room for 45 min. before a different doctor than the one I was supposed to see came in) is that I gained 9 pounds in a little less than a month. Now, keep in mind I gained next to nothing my entire first semester. But still I feel like such a bad person for gaining so much so fast!

I do finally have a little bit of a belly (hopefully baby and not adipose tissue!), but the doctor told me to make sure I dont gain any more than 1/2 a pound a week from here on out. I'm seriously about to just stop eating.

- Sarah

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