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You may be feeling some mild back pain as the weight you have gained in your uterus moves your center of gravity to over your legs. Be sure to pay attention to your posture. The physical changes your body undergoes during pregnancy can pull a real number on your back. Loose ligaments, overstretched abdominal muscles, an increasingly heavy uterus and changes to both your posture and the curvature of your spine all put an added strain on the muscles in your back.

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What's truly surprising about back pain during pregnancy is the fact that approximately half of moms-to-be manage to get off scot free! Click here for some tips on dealing with the aches and pains of pregnancy.

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You should prepare a new will to provide for your child, and think about appointing a guardian in case you and the child's father die. While not pleasant to think about, without such a directive (and at least in America), the court will appoint a guardian, who may not be the person you would have chosen to care for your child. Consult an attorney experienced in estate planning.

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As a doula, I am witness to the unspeakable power of birth, maidens turning into mothers, and various dances of madness in the face of unchecked fears. I am all too aware, when a doula is prideful or too busy doing and knowing in birth, she forfeits being touched by the great mystery of birth. And, if no one in the labor room is in touch with that great mystery, and no one is "holding the space" by being truly present, there is the greatest risk of all -- that the mother, even though she gives birth to the child, might not realize she is also being born -- as a mother -- during her rite of passage."Holding" the laboring mother in a safe, secure, heart-space is the best gift a doula can give.

- by Pam England, CNM, MA. Find your own doula at our Doula site!

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It's easy to be fascinated by other people's love affairs and desire to have what they have, especially if the relationship is intense, happy and seemingly problem-free.

All relationships take effort to be successful, especially great love stories. These great love stories epitomize an ideal that everyone would love to attain. However, keep in mind that you are seeing only the public image of the relationship. You don't see the work that goes on behind closed doors.

Would you like to make your relationship the greatest love story ever? Of course you would, everyone would. If you would, just keep reading along and learn how to do it. Before you know it, you will be transforming your good relationship into a great one.

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