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During the fifth month, you may notice swelling in your lower legs, especially at the end of the day. You may have less puffiness if you get off your feet and rest at various times throughout the day.

Generally, this may be one of the most comfortable times for you during your pregnancy -- your belly isn't too large, you're (hopefully) over the morning sickness you may have had, and you can get around easily. Take advantage of the way you feel and have fun!

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In the know

If the baby inside your uterus is a girl, she now has her own uterus and vagina. Boy or girl, your child now also has a fully-formed tongue.

fetal development

 How does your baby grow? See the stages week by week!

Walls & floors

Here are some fun and different things to use to decorate your baby's room!

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No touchy!

Are you becoming public property? Jen understands your pain:

The reasons why pregnant women seem to be public property, open to any and all comments, is, at it's core, really kind of sweet, I think. We're carrying these new lives around inside us, obviously displaying our optimism for the future of the world. That's a pretty neat thing by most people's standards.

The need to make commentary about and to a pregnant woman often is harmless in intent. The comments, ranging from a woman's increasing size to what she is eating (particularly if she is indulging in a treat of some kind) to whatever kind of activity she is engaging in (exercising, gasp!) stem, I think, from the optimism of that very pregnant woman rubbing off in some way on everyone around her, known or unknown.

Those making the comments think they have the best interest of the baby at heart. But it still doesn't make certain comments any more appropriate, or what I am eating any more of their business.

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Stop pop?

Skip soda

Love your diet cola or orange pop? While caffeine does cross the placenta to your baby, there doesn't appear to be any evidence that small amounts of caffeine (say 1 or 2 cups of coffee per day) will cause problems during pregnancy.

That said, studies have shown that caffeine may cause a miscarriage or could slow the growth of your developing baby if you consume any more than 300mg (an amount roughly equivalent to 2 or 3 cups of coffee, depending on how generous the pour, and perhaps a little more if drinking tea).

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