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The baby already has a strong grip, and might hold onto the umbilical cord connecting him to the placenta (which can easily withstand this pressure -- don't worry).

Get some sun

Sunlight on bare skin helps the body produce vitamin D, which is neccesary to absorb calcium. While some milk is fortified with vitamin D, there are few natural food sources of vitamin D, such as cod liver oil and some fatty fish.

Brenda Beeley, L Ac, director of the Women's Health and Menopause Center in San Rafael, California, suggests in Delicious! Magazine, "exposing the skin to sunlight without sunscreen for 15 minutes, two times per week" is optimum for production of vitamin D without harmful effects of excess sun exposure.

Why a mama needs her vitamin D

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Madame Zaritska, our resident clairvoyant, wants to help you choose a name for your child. Answer the questions below, and Madame will offer you some baby name suggestions. Just answer the questions right here and Madame Zaritska will give you ten name suggestions -- five each for boys and girls!

Twin surprise

Shock. Amazement. Elation. How would you feel to find out that you were carrying twins -- or more? When Holly Neal of Bailey, North Carolina, went to her first obstetrical appointment, the doctor could not hear a heartbeat. Since Holly had conceived while taking the Pill and was not sure how far along she was, an ultrasound was scheduled for the following week. It wasn't long before her pregnancy was confirmed -- times two.


"I literally passed out. Luckily, I was on the table in a reclined position and came to very quickly -- still shocked I was pregnant to begin with," says Holly. "I was so intent on seeing the beating of a heart that I didn't realize there were two beating hearts. My husband was ecstatic and, having seen ultrasound pictures before, he knew what he was looking at."

Their sons, Mason and Dylan, were born healthy several months later. Read more stories from real twin moms right here!

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