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21 weeks pregnant

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You're showing!

Now halfway through your pregnancy, this month you will probably start showing if you haven't already. Stretchy or maternity clothing is most likely needed by now. (Clothes with a flexible waist, like stretch pants, are comfortable and practical, because they can "grow" with you.)

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Fetal movement

You probably feel your baby move within you often, also referred to as "quickening." This can be a reassuring sensation, knowing that your baby is alive and well.

You might begin to notice your baby's patterns -- when he or she is sleeping or awake and active -- which is a great way to get to know your little one!

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dad baby newborn infantFor dads

Have you ever wondered what an expectant dad usually hears from his male friends? "Buddy, once this baby is born, you can forget about sex for the next six months." If I were about to become a father, probably a little unsure about my new role, this advice would not be particularly comforting.

Why do women persist in thinking that once the baby is born, they will just walk off into the sunset? And why don't childbirth educators discuss the importance of "expectations management" and good communications? Sylvia Brown, author of The Post-Pregnancy Handbook, explains:

It is undeniable that the arrival of a baby, especially the first, transforms the relationship inside a couple. Three people now must share love, time and energy -- the exclusive nature of the couple's relationship comes to an end. Moral and material responsibilities dominate, lives must be better organized, improvising becomes difficult, if not impossible. New conflicts can arise on matters that both partners thought resolved, especially regarding values and important decisions such as education and religion.

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