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20 weeks pregnant

A nursery with zing

Nursery flair

Want to liven up the walls in your baby's room? You have more fun and flexible options than ever!

Easy-to-apply self-adhesive removable decals and wall stickers are widely available, and feature a variety of styles -- from cute characters to classic design motifs to retro-style graphics.

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Make a note

Always wear your seatbelt -- you and your baby stand a far higher chance of being hurt in an accident if you are not wearing one. Get the specific how-tos here:

Hair today

Pregnancy changes your entire body, and your hair is no exception. 

Curly hair

If your mane seems to change texture -- from straight to curly, from full to limp -- or won't take a perm, that's because the pregnancy hormones also affect the very structure of your hair. They get to the cortex, which is responsible for giving hair its curl and elasticity.

According to one mom of a 17-month old baby boy, "About three months into my pregnancy, my hairdresser pointed out that my hair seemed thicker and curlier than before. And I had always had rather fine, straight hair."

Read on for more info on what your hair is up to right now!

Back down

Is your back starting to bother you? You aren't the only one with this problem.

During pregnancy, your ever-expanding body releases hormones that cause the joints and ligaments of your pelvis to loosen in preparation for childbirth. Then your growing bump changes your center of balance, resulting in an increased lumbar lordosis, or arch, in your back. This also means that the muscles that support your back have a much larger load to carry, and fatigue more quickly.

What can be done about it? Studies have shown that the pelvic tilt can significantly lower your pain, especially in the third trimester. The exercise is easy and requires no fancy equipment -- only a chair! Sitting upright with your feet shoulder width apart on the floor, tighten your stomach muscles, flattening your back into the back of the chair. Hold 5 seconds and perform 20-30 times. (This exercise can also be done standing, flattening your back against the wall.)

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Want to feel better?

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