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20 weeks pregnant

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Your baby drinks the amniotic fluid, and is beginning to absorb some of it through his still-maturing digestive system. He will excrete it back into the amniotic sac where the placenta constantly filters the fluid.

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new mom baby blissHow parenthood changes you

As a pregnant couple, you're on a roller coaster like no other. But what you may not realize is that even as you near the end of your last trimester, you're still merely chugging your way up to the peak. The heart-pounding free fall, the thrilling twists and turns and the exhilarating corkscrews are still ahead.

Bliss in babyland

Prepare to be forever transformed as you plummet your way into the adventure of parenthood. No matter how much reading you've done or how well documented your birth plan, it's nearly impossible to fully prepare for the intensity of labor and delivery, and for finally holding that long-awaited new baby in your arms. New moms feel wondrously mighty, and new dads bubble over with tears of joy.

"There's nothing more empowering than giving birth to a baby," says Beth Riordan of Chicago, Illinois. "It's so amazing. Your body knows just what to do. Part of me felt like a spectator of this beautiful event."

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Baby #2 (or more)

Anticipating the arrival of your second child is a greatly different experience than that of expecting your first baby.

Physically, subsequent pregnancies tend to be far less restful. Intellectually, you're well advised and wiser this time around. You've experienced childbirth and mastered diaper changing along with all the other basis of baby care. Emotionally, you experience daily the profound sensibility and endurance that come with being a parent.

pregnant woman sibling big brother

Worry about the big sib

This time, many of your concerns may still be largely focused on your firstborn. Will my child be jealous of the new baby? Will he or she regress developmentally after the baby arrives? Will my first child be helpful or will he or she cause harm to my new little one? Whether, you're about to adopt or give birth, chances are you have some worries about how your first child will react to becoming a big brother or sister.

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A mother's love perceives no impossibilities.

- Paddock

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