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How-to sex: Experts typically recommend the missionary position (man on top) for couples hoping to conceive, as the depth of penetration deposits semen closer to the cervix and uterus. Keep your hips elevated slightly after sex (use a pillow) to give the sperm a head start in the right direction. (Get more info about sex and pregnancy here.)

In bed

Avoid bed burnout

Keeping conception sex fun and spontaneous can be difficult at times, particularly if you've been trying for awhile. Hopping into bed as often as you can when you first decide to conceive can be fun. But if you don't get pregnant right away, having frequent sex with your mate may cause one or both of you to suffer sexual burnout.

How can you combat this? Don't put so much pressure on yourself to perform. Be sure to try to have sex every now and then just for fun and not only when you think the time is optimal for conception. If you allow sex to become a job, it can become very difficult to get back into the swing of things later on. The stress you create may actually be one of the reasons for your difficulty conceiving.

Also, you can make time for dates which can help remind you both of the beginning of your relationship. Find more ways to keep the spark alive right here!

Tick... tick... tick

How fast is your biological clock ticking? Do you still have time to have a baby? If so, how long? In the past, these were questions that could only be answered in hindsight. But recently, British researchers have found a strong direct relationship between ovarian volume and the number of eggs remaining in a woman's ovaries.

"In essence, it means we now have the potential to be able to tell a woman how fast her biological clock is ticking and how much time she has before it will run down," said lead author Dr Hamish Wallace, a senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.

To get to know your biological clock a little better, click here.

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The cervix is the lower section of the uterus which protrudes into the vagina and dilates and effaces (widens and thins) during labor to allow the passage of your baby. The cervix, while far back in the vagina, can be reached during an internal exam. 

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