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19 weeks pregnant

boy parts ultrasoundIs that a boy?

How can you tell if it's a boy by looking at the ultrasound?

To determine that the baby is a boy, the sonographer should clearly see the scrotum and the penis between the baby's legs. Some boys can be seen earlier than others, but in general by 20 weeks the scrotum and penis should be clearly visualized if the baby cooperates.

The umbilical cord should not be mistaken for a penis. On most modern equipment, the sonographer should be able to clearly distinguish the penis from the umbilical cord. If the ultrasound machine has Color Doppler, the sonographer can use this feature to identify the umbilical cord. Color Doppler shows blood flow, so the umbilical cord (composed of two arteries and a vein) would clearly be identified as the cord and not the penis. 

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Notable quote

Oh blessed vision! Happy child! Thou art so exquisitely wild.

- Wordsworth

Ideas & inspiration

When you're pregnant (especially if you're past any morning sickness), you may feel simply radiant -- especially once you're visibly pregnant. While it's true that not every woman has the "glow of pregnancy," hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones to experience it. What does it feel like? Like you're healthy and proud and all is well in the world. That glow comes to you from many different directions.

Happy woman

Here is the first of five things that can make you feel fabulous during your pregnancy.

1) You beat the odds: So many women experience difficulty getting pregnant. Whether that means interventions like IVF, a few months of trying or it "just happened," you should feel fortunate to be finally expecting. Health, timing and luck all play into the conception equation, and you came out a winner. And every day that passes brings you closer to a healthy baby. So take a deep breath and realize how lucky you really are!

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Journaling pregnancy

Write it down

Be sure to take a little time each week (or, better yet, each day) to make a few notes about how you are feeling and how your pregnancy is progressing!

We've made it simple to keep a diary right here in your pregnancy calendar! Write down things like your fundal height measurements, how you're feeling each day, when you first felt the baby hiccup and other memorable moments.  

To post a note, just click here or on the link above that says "Add note or event."

Eating for two?

While it's tempting to use pregnancy as the best excuse ever for overindulging (to pretend that the other person you're eating for is a 250 lb. trucker rather than a 1 lb. fetus!), it's healthier for you and your baby to keep your weight gain within the healthy range. Besides, you can't fool Mother Nature forever. At the end of the day, you'll be forced to confront those less-than-welcome pregnancy "souvenirs" on your hips and thighs!

If you find you're gaining weight more quickly than you'd like -- either because you're snacking to avoid nausea or because you're ravenously hungry -- don't hit the panic button. Simply start choosing lower-calorie foods from each of the food groups. That way, your body will be getting the nutrients it needs to grow a healthy baby, and you'll be able to reduce your total calorie hit at the same time. Read more here.

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