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18 weeks pregnant

Pregnant woman with sports

Have a ball

Can you keep up with your favorite sports during pregnancy? Talk to your caregiver for specifics, but you can get some general information here: Sports during pregnancy: Playing it safe.

Feeling it

When you first feel your little one move inside you it can be quite amazing! Learn more about fetal movement from Obstetrician/Gynecologist David Barrere.

Your question: How active should a baby be at various stages of pregnancy? Should I be worried if my baby doesn't move a lot?

The expert answers: Fetal movement (quickening) is initially perceived as movements of the uterus. As the baby bumps into the uterine wall, it moves, creating the first sensations of fetal movement. As time goes by and Baby gets larger and stronger, kicks and punches can easily be felt.

Read more in the article, How active should a baby be at various stages of pregnancy?

Fun stuff

How do your co-workers feel about your pregnancy? Tell us in our poll here!

In the know

A birth plan is a simple and non-confrontational way for you to make your preferences for your pregnancy and birth clear to everyone who will be with you on the big day (or days, as the case may be).

There are so many choices to make and things to consider -- from whether or not you want to have anesthesia to how long you want to stay after the birth -- that making your voice heard is important. Every hospital and every healthcare professional does something just a little bit differently, and without a plan, you may be given the "default" settings -- whatever they might be.

Come make your birth plan online now with our free birth plan maker!

HOw a baby is born

Here’s a nice animated video (not actual footage) that shows a simple version of a vaginal birth. Dilatation and effacement are shown as well, which gives you an idea of why your baby has a little bit of a cone head at birth! See it here: 3D childbirth video

One last trip

If you're looking for some quality time with your mate before the baby comes you might want to consider a cool getaway (highly suggested). Here are some tips on planning a romantic pre-baby getaway!


In real life

"I teach a K-2 choir at church, and a little boy brought up that it was his birthday. We got to talking about how old we are, and I said I'm 24, and he said, 'Is that a teenager?' I said no, and he said, 'Well, you still have zits... ' Yeah -- thank you dear 6-year-old for understanding my pregnancy skin!" - Amy

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