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Will you be a cool mom?

Bloating, mood swings, backache and occasional vomiting aside, pregnancy is overall a time of delightful anticipation. When will you first feel the baby move inside you? What will you name him or her? How will you decorate the nursery? What will baby’s first word be?

And, above all: Will you be a Cool Mom? Or will you be an embarrassment to your kids and yourself? ;-)

Take this cool mama quiz and find out!

In the know

Through amniocentesis, many genetic defects can be discovered relatively early in pregnancy. The procedure is usually only recommended for women older than 35 or those in another high-risk category. It is also used later in pregnancy to determine fetal lung maturity. You should receive counseling to determine whether or not to have an amniocentesis. Although it has many diagnostic benefits, the procedure also carries a slight risk of miscarriage (about 0.25%), as well as a risk of trauma to the fetus, infection and preterm labor. Click here to learn more about the risks associated with amnio.


Should you get a flu shot during pregnancy?


The influenza (flu) vaccine is strongly recommended for any person six months or older who is at increased risk for complications resulting from an influenza infection.

In addition, health care workers and others in close contact with persons in high risk groups should be vaccinated to decrease the risk of transmitting the infection to those at high risk.

Click here to find out who is in the high risk group, plus get more info on the influenza vaccine.

>> Pregnancy, baby and swine flu: What you need to know

Get your flying done now

Most airlines won't let you on board once you're past 34 weeks of pregnancy -- at least not without a special note from a doctor saying that you're in good shape to travel and/or that the situation is urgent. (Also remember that if you look huge, even at 28 weeks, you might be questioned by airline staff.)

So what's the big deal? Mostly, it's all about money: Lawsuit money and loss of revenue money. See, the odds of you going into labor naturally grow greater the closer you are to term. And a woman in labor constitutes a medical emergency -- so if you go into labor while the plane is in the air, they might have to turn back or land somewhere else in order to get you to a hospital -- and this means delays for everyone and lost revenue for the airline.

Read here for information on flying while pregnant as well as specific information from various airlines.

fish oil capsules

Did you know?

Moms who eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy and while nursing, and who continue to feed their babies such a diet after weaning, may reduce their daughters' risk of developing breast cancer later in life dramatically, according to research presented at the 96th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. Either maternal or post-weaning dietary consumption of this type of fat -- that is, taking in omega-3 fatty acids through food or supplements at any point in life from conception to at least puberty -- also could reduce the incidence rate for breast cancer in female offspring significantly.

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