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Smoothie recipe

Smooth move

A healthy smoothie offers is a great way to get some calcium and extra fruit into your diet. This smoothie also features ginger which has been shown to quell those icky feelings of morning sickness. Smoothies also make the perfect easy breakfast or lunch on the go.

Berries pack a great antioxidant punch for pregnant mamas, so give these a try! Get the recipe for this smoothie here -- along with a way to make a Homemade Organic Blackberry Chocolate Frozen Yogurt that’s low fat, cool, refreshing, and perfect for dessert.

Getting real

Minsun, in her week 15 pregnancy diary entry:

"There's a great deal of hype about the magical second trimester. Just about everyone from my doctor to my cleaning lady assured me that I would just spring out of bed one day and do cartwheels all the way to the breakfast table. Even my single girlfriends endorsed this theory (as if having an occasional late period made them pregnancy experts). And for once, everybody was right! I haven't given a digestive encore for the Ty-D-Bol man in seven wonderful days, and I'm so happy I could cry. Although I still get queasy moments, for the most part, I feel like my old self -- only bigger."

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Fit for the delivery room

When you’re running a baby factory 24/7, the last thing you feel like doing is exercising. But, like it or not, if you want to beat the pregnancy fatigue, you have to get up and get your blood flowing.

Pregnancy weights workout

Before you can figure out how to boost your vigor, it might be easier to understand why it’s gone MIA. “There can be a dip in energy in the first trimester because of the surge of hormones (estrogen, progesterone and relaxin, all of which can cause nausea, too), as well as the rapid dilation of blood vessels in order for her body to create more blood,” explains Farel Hruska, National Fitness Director of Stroller Strides, LLC.

Still ready to throw in the towel? Hruska adds, “When exercise is added to a healthy pregnancy, however, energy levels can increase throughout the entire pregnancy.” Armed with this insight, and a some mild exercise, you will soon be celebrating some of the oomph you had pre-pregnancy!

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In the know

Are you considering a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) this time around? You will probably want to spend some time looking for a compatible caregiver. Look for the professionals who offer what you want, instead of trying to fit what you want into what they do. This is true whether you want a high-tech pregnancy and birth or whether you're looking for a midwife to assist you with unmedicated childbirth. As you interview possible doctors and midwives, eliminate the people who you know will not give you what you want. Click here to read more about finding the right caregiver for you.

Just for fun

Easygoing, relaxed, loving type to care for infant. Should enjoy rocking, cuddling, be able to hold baby patiently for 20-minute feedings every three or four hours without fidgeting. Light sleeper, early riser. No degree necessary. Must take all shifts, seven-day week. No vacation unless can arrange to have own mother as temporary substitute. No opportunity to advance.

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