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16 weeks pregnant

Baby update

Your baby is about the size of a softball, weighing in at 2.8 ounces and four and a half inches in length. That's about as wide as a standard piece of letter size paper folded in half lengthways, and about as heavy as two little "fun size" candy bars.

fetal development

How does baby grow? See a fetal development video!

Pregnant woman

In style

Fashion editors, the women behind the most influential magazine shoots, are mix masters extraordinaire. They can take a basic sheath dress and whip it into a WASP Princess (pearls + slingbacks + classic cardigan), Downtown “It” Girl (cropped vintage leopard jacket + ankle boots + jangle of gold pendants), or Snappy CEO (tweed jacket + diamond studs + pumps) by skillful layering and accessorizing.

Bump It Up takes the editorial concept of garment rotation and fine-tunes it for pregnancy. Find out what that means -- and how you can do it -- here: The maternity uniform: 5 essential basics

Doula to-dos

Do you plan to hire a doula? Here are some tips:

  1. Start looking for a doula early in pregnancy -- preferably around the beginning of the second trimester. Because of the level of personalized care they offer, doulas typically take on only a few clients each month, which means their schedules fill quickly.
  2. Interview a doula in person before hiring her to make sure your philosophies match and that you relate on a personal level.
  3. Doula services vary, so make sure you understand exactly what you're paying for when you hire her for her services. How many prenatal visits are included? How long will she be there during labor? Does she have a backup doula available? Does she offer follow-up visits or postpartum care?
  4. Be open with your doula about your labor and birth desires and fears. This will allow her to support you to the best of her ability.

For more about doula care, see:

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Find the perfect doula at Doula

The eyes have it

Even though you're probably preoccupied with a million other symptoms, you still might have noticed that your eyes are drier than normal. Although it's a relatively minor irritation, eye dryness is a common side effect of pregnancy.

Whose eyes are these?

The good news is that basic lubricating eye drops are safe to use while you are pregnant or nursing. Another tip: You should also take care to use eye makeup that won't further irritate your eyes (especially mascara that may flake). Click here to find out more about pregnancy and dry eyes.

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