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Gone are the days when pregnant women are relegated to worn out old men's T-shirts or frumpy plaid gowns. There are some great options out there for today's new moms, ranging from boxer short sets to ribbed tanks and thongs to classic nightgowns! Find style tips and get links to lots of maternity shopping at!

Did you know?

When shopping, be sure to select your pre-pregnancy size. Maternity clothes are designed this way. After all, your arms and legs don t get longer, and your basic body structure will remain the same. Well made maternity clothes give you the extra room only where you need it - belly, bust, hips, and arm holes - while maintaining the pre-pregnancy proportions of each size range. Read more tips here!

Tea for two?

P&B reader Colette asks: "Is it okay to drink green tea during pregnancy?"

Our nutrition expert answers: "Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. The consumption of green tea is more popular in Japanese and Chinese cultures than it is in the United States. But due to the suggestions in the scientific literature that green tea may have beneficial properties for the prevention of cancer and heart disease, green tea is gaining popularity in America.

"The difference between green and black teas is in the processing. Green tea is made by steaming and drying the tea leaves which allows for compounds known as polyphenols to be preserved. The polyphenols, most especially the catechins, are powerful antioxidants, and may be the compounds that give green tea its purported health benefits. In contrast, black tea is fermented during processing, reducing the ability of polyphenols to act as antioxidants.

"Green tea is available with caffeine or may be decaffeinated. To play it safe, while there appear to be no ill-effects of green tea consumption, and, in fact, green tea may prevent certain diseases, it is not recommended that green tea be consumed in large amounts during pregnancy."

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How many months pregnant are you?

That depends: do you mean calendar months or lunar months? There still is no standard -- it all depends on who you're talking to. Some people use a calendar month as a measure: if your LMP (last menstrual period) was on the 5th of March, you're 1 month pregnant on April 5th, two months on May 5 and so on. hamsterStill others use the 28 day "lunar calendar" -- every four weeks, you're another month pregnant. In this case, a standard 280 day pregnancy (dating from LMP to EDD) is ten months long! A true lunar month is 29.5306 days long.

How does this compare to our animal friends?

  • Hamsters are pregnant for 2 weeks.
  • Rats are pregnant for 3 weeks.
  • Cats are pregnant 8-9 weeks.
  • Dogs are pregnant around 8-9 weeks as well.
  • Lions? About 15 weeks.
  • Sheep are pregnant for about 21 weeks.
  • Chimpanzees are pregnant for around 33 weeks.
  • Giraffes are pregnant for 56 weeks.
  • And the mother of all mothers, the African elephant, is pregnant for a whopping 91 weeks!

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