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15 weeks pregnant

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Congratulations! You are now entering your second trimester, generally considered to be the easiest and most comfortable phase of pregnancy. If you plan to travel, it's probably best to do so during the next couple of months.

Choose a relaxing destination -- such as a spa -- as now is not the time to rush along on a charted sightseeing tour or to visit a country known for food- and water-borne contaminants.

And no matter where your journey takes you, and whatever your mode of travel, try not to sit still for more than two hours at a time and drink plenty of clean water. 

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Working mama

At first glance, most would ignore a job offer to be on call 24/7 with a lifetime contract and zero earnings and benefits. Yet parents -- particularly mothers -- accept the occupation every day, generally aware of the conditions but not always prepared for them. Motherhood is an essential job in society, but still too often an invisible one.

All mothers work, whether they care for their children full time, have flexible work schedules or a home office, or spend the modern-day minimum of 40 hours per week in the marketplace. Today's mother is vastly different from those of preceding generations, ranging from their work experience and education to personal and professional goals.

Martha Bullen, co-author of Staying Home: From Full-Time Professional to Full-Time Parent says, "the mindset [of today's mothers] is different, because many are choosing to stay home to raise and nurture their child." This contrasts days when at-home motherhood was either assumed or one of few options. Furthermore, significant coping skills are required for those who have been used to any full-time work schedule and leave the workplace when they start a family. 

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Pregnancy and sex

Unless your healthcare provider has told you to avoid orgasm or oral sex, gettin' a little like that should be just fine. There are a few caveats, however...

Don't blow this job: While we have yet to hear someone admit to this being part of their foreplay, we'll pass along the most common piece of "oral sex during pregnancy" advice: Don't let your partner blow air into your vagina. (Yeah, we know you wanted to be puffed up like a balloon down there.) While not likely to be a problem, such an action could possibly cause an air embolism to enter your bloodstream, blocking off a blood vessel and putting you and the baby in a potentially life-threatening situation. Click to read the rest of the tips!


Journaling pregnancy

Be sure to take a little time each week (or, better yet, each day) to make a few notes about how you are feeling and how your pregnancy is progressing!

We've made it simple to keep a diary right here in your pregnancy calendar! Write down things like your fundal height measurements, how you're feeling each day, when you first felt the baby hiccup and other memorable moments.

To post a note, just click here or on the link above that says "Add note or event."

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