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Moms are always searching for the best deals for diapers and with so many options available for purchasing this baby necessity, it can make your sleep-deprived head spin! We've taken one specific package of diapers and compared its price at five different online retailers to find the best deal for diapers online.

best online prices for diapers

For equal comparison purposes, we used a box of Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers in size three as our reference diaper. There is no specific reason that we chose this diaper over others to use in our comparison, other than that it is carried regularly at all five online retailers. Sales tax for your state may apply to these prices as well.


Online: www.diapers.com

Box size: 156 diapers

Cost: $37.99

Price per diaper: 24 cents

Shipping cost: $2.99 for this particular order. However, shipping is free on orders $49 and above and diapers arrive quickly -- within two days

Discounts available: If you register with their Take Five program, you receive $10 off your first order of $49 or more (which does not apply to this order) and $5 off each case of diapers you order. And yes, you can combine those offers. At the time of press, there was an additional $3 off e-coupon for these diapers.

Final cost: $32.99 or 21 cents per diaper

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Amazon Mom

Online: www.amazon.com/mom

Box-size: 156 diapers

Cost: $41.69

Price per diaper: 27 cents

Shipping cost: Free two-day shipping

Discounts available: At the time of press, these diapers were discounted $3.90. Plus, if you set up a subscription service for diapers on Amazon Mom so that they are automatically delivered (once a month is most common for this size of diapers), you save an extra 5 percent. Amazon Mom members save an additional 15 percent off of diaper subscriptions.

Final cost: $27.39 or 18 cents per diaper

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Online: www.walmart.com

Box size: 204 diapers

Cost: $40.88

Price per diaper: 20 cents

Shipping cost: 97 cents for their standard five to seven day shipping. Shipping is free for orders $45 and above and it is possible to expedite shipping for an additional $10.

Discounts available: None at the time of press

Final cost: $41.85 or 21 cents per diaper

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Babies "R" Us

Online: www.babiesrus.com

Box size: 204 diapers

Cost: $41.99

Price per diaper: 21 cents

Shipping cost: $6.50, free two-day shipping available for orders of $100 or above

Discounts available: None at the time of press, although members of the free Rewards "R" Us program who purchase nine boxes of specific brands of diapers receive their tenth box of diapers free

Final cost: $48.49 or 24 cents per diaper


Online: www.costco.com

Box size: 228 diapers

Cost: $49.99

Price per diaper: 22 cents

Shipping cost: Free

Discounts available: At the time of press, there was an automatic $3 online coupon applied to these diapers. Costco also requires that you have a membership to shop on their website, which carries an annual fee.

Final cost: $46.99 or 21 cents per diaper

And the winner is...

Unclear! If you are willing to sign up for their subscription service and have your diapers automatically delivered on a set schedule, there's no doubt that Amazon Mom is the cheapest place from this list of online diaper retailers. However, if you don't want to commit to a subscription service, Diapers.com seems to be the next best option with quick shipping and a consistent $5 off each box of diapers you buy.

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Comments on "Where to find the best online prices for diapers"

Vera September 09, 2013 | 7:38 AM

Well, if you are just looking for cheap diapers, go to target and get a free delivery, iof you order for more than $50. This is a huge pack of 3 diapers, which makes them a price of 14,9 cent per diaper...

Lisa December 20, 2011 | 10:15 AM

IMPORTANT F.Y.I FOR AMAZON MOMS!!!! Amazon has change their program. There is no longer a 15% discount for Amazon Mom. It has been reduced to 5%. Also They no longer give you free 2 day shipping. I just ordered a new set of diapers on the 20th of December and Amazon can not get them to me until December 27th -29th.... Unless I want to pay full price for the diapers of course. I contacted customer service to complain. They simply said that they have changed the program. I am super disapointed, I have been a long time, loyal "Amazon Mom". Now this makes their diaper price higher than other retailers for sure!! BUYERS BEWARE!..... Besides... who can wait a week for a new box a diapers when you suddenly discover you are running low?

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