Should Moms-To-Be Chop It Off?

Changing your look before or after your baby arrives can be a good thing. After all, your life is changing and your role in this world is changing. But is it the right decision for your face shape? Take a look at what these moms did with their pre-baby hair and see if changing your 'do is a good -- or bad -- idea.

pregnant woman cutting hair

Prepping for baby

Cutting your hair before your baby arrives can give you one less thing to manage or worry about -- if you go for a bob or pixie cut. The last thing pregnant mom Julie wanted to think about was having to style her hair after her first baby arrived, so she pulled the trigger pre-baby: "I had been wanting to go with a really short hairdo for a while, so I used my pregnancy and the baby as an excuse to finally go through with it."

Stacey, on the other hand, decided against cutting her hair during pregnancy, saying, "I didn't only because I look awful with short hair." Mom of three girls Trista Oliva was thinking more about practicality than style when she cut her hair while pregnant. "I chopped mine off, about a week before my due date," she said, "because I knew it would be awhile before I could make it back to the salon."

Some moms prefer to wait until after the baby is born

Changing up your normal appearance can definitely help with those lingering postpartum baby blues. By pampering yourself and getting a new look after the baby arrives, it can help boost your self-esteem and make you feel fresh -- even if you just clean up the ends and add a few long layers.

"When it's a choice between sleep and hair, the hair's gotta go!"

Sharon Pollard, a mom of two girls, preferred to wait until after her babies were born, "I got so bored with wearing it up in a ponytail and I think that cutting it shorter gave me some style."

New mom Chelsea decided that sleep was more important than style: "I chopped off my hair after having the baby. I just didn't have time for the whole routine anymore. When it's a choice between sleep and hair, the hair's gotta go!"

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Healthy hair stays there

After months of religiously taking prenatal vitamins and sporting that beautiful pregnancy glow, some moms-to-be would rather relish in their shiny hair than worry about what they plan to do with it after the baby arrives.

Annie Frey is 20 weeks pregnant with her second child and plans to keep her locks long this time around: "This is the healthiest hair I grow! May as well grow it out while the gettin' is good." She's not letting her long, healthy hair get in the way after the baby arrives, though. "I put it up a lot, which is easier for me," she explains.

Face shape and pregnancy weight gain

TIP: Cutting your hair during your pregnancy shouldn't be a rash move. Take into consideration your unique face shape and previous hair styles -- what worked and what didn't -- so you're not left with a 'do that makes you cry even more than your hormones.

Some pregnant moms-to-be cut their hair for many reasons -- boredom, a desire for a fresh look or to prepare for baby -- but what style should you go for? "It would take a lot more than just being pregnant to chop off my hair. Short hair looks fabulously chic on some ladies... I am not one of them," says Tonya Staab.

Pregnant or not, hairstyles have a lot to do with face shapes and as any mom knows, your face shape can change quite a bit during pregnancy. With pregnancy comes added hormones, water weight and weight gain, all of which directly impact the shape of your glowing -- and growing -- face.

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Comments on "Cutting your hair while pregnant"

Cheryl February 06, 2014 | 9:10 AM

Growing up I had no choice with my hair. My mother took me to the uni barber shop and my hair was cut very short. I looked like a boy and I hated it. As a teen she let me grow it out to a short bob, but no longer. When I went to college I finally had the freedom to grow my hair. It grew to my elbows and I would have my room mate trim the ends for me. My mom bugged me to get it cut as she wore hers cut short and thought I should to. My long blonde hair is what attracted my husband to me. After we were married I heard all the usual trash talk about now that I was married it was time to cut my hair short from my mother and acquaintances. I do not look good in short hair, and my husband loves it long. When I was pregnant with my two daughters I heard the same thing. You are going to be a mother, time to cut your hair. My hair looked fabulous and my husband would brush it and braid it for me. I loved the intimacy of having him do it for me, a short haircut would take that away from me and require so much more work and attention to try and make it look good. My mother bugged him saying he needed to tell me to cut my hair as I would if he told me to. Well my dear hubby told her that wasn't going to happen. He is so good to me :) My second daughter just turned two and my hair is still long. No frumpy "mom" haircut for this lady. My advice is if you and your husband love your hair long, do not let people talk you into a haircut you will both regret. Wearing my hair in a braid or up keeps it out of the reach of little hands as well as looking pretty.

linda July 27, 2013 | 4:28 AM

I was pregnant when I had long hair that stopped at the bottom of my ribcage. I loved it because I could style it and everyone said I looked good in it. I was 20 then and was really sick and couldn't cope with long hair even though I loved it. I was just so tired and grumpy, I stood in front of the mirrior twisted my locks and snipped it off! It went everywhere my brown hair was gone! I cut it right up, but I couldn't get it straight and so I shaved it. I cried all day and regretted it, but after when it grew back in I got it styled. Its shoulder length now and grew back blonde.

Pam December 07, 2012 | 9:57 AM

My experience was very similar to Diana's. When I was eight months pregnant with my first child, everyone assumed I would get my long hair cut really short because all pregnant women give birth with their hair short. I asked my husband for his advice and he said that although he liked me with long hair, he thought I should have my hair cut short because all women have short hair when they give birth. Although I was not happy about it, I took the plunge and had my long hair cut off and replaced with a very short style. I hated it from the start and cried and cried for weeks that I had lost my long hair. However, although I often wish my hair was long again, I have kept it the very short length that I had when I was eight months pregnant. It is certainly easier to keep tidy and clean. To all young mothers to be wondering about whether or not to cut their hair short in pregnancy,You do not have to do it if you do not want to. I gave in to convention and my hair was cut very short but you do not have to if you do not want to.

Diana December 07, 2012 | 6:24 AM

I was really interested in this article. Like many other women I cut my hair very short just before our baby was born. I do not regret it although now it is a bit longer than it was. I think there are three main reasons why mothers to be very often cut their hair short when pregnant. The first is that they think it will be low maintenance when having to cope with a new baby. Having short hair which you can wash each morning and which then dries straight away is much easier to manage. The second reason is that women often want a new image and to feel different when they give birth - transition from not having children to being a mother. As well as having my hair cut short, I also had a second earring put in my ears at the same time - a little gold stud a little higher up on each lobe above the gold hoops I normally wear. The third reason is that it is very trendy and fashionable for mothers to be to have their hair cut short - almost the expected thing. Two of my friends had their hair cut short first and then my partner kept nagging me about it and asked me when I was going to have it short. I took him at his word and had my long hair which was down my back cut into a very short pixiestyle with the whole of both my ears exposed. It has taken a while to get used to but my partner says he loves it very short and the fact that I now wear two earrings in each ear. I do not see any chance of the fashion to go short in pregnancy going away.

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