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You Too Can Carve Perfect Pit Bull & Corgi Pumpkins With the Right Template

Jack-o'-lanterns? We don't need no stinkin' Jack-o'-lanterns! When it comes to carving pumpkins, were all about the dog designs, baby. We love a good spooky pumpkin just as much as the next person, but it doesn't get much better than immortalizing your favorite pet on the face of a beautiful gourd for the month of October. 

You're probably thinking, "Great! But uh, I do not have the skills to transfer my dog's gorgeous face onto a pumpkin." Well, good news, dear readers. We have created printable dog breed pumpkin carving patterns that you can use to create the ultimate display of doggy love this Halloween. 

Click through the slideshow to find your dog breed, then download and print the patterns. Happy carving, folks!

Originally posted September 2016. Updated September 2017.

Be as loyal as your GSD by printing out this pattern and carving it into your pumpkin.

Show your Frenchie that they are truly l'amour de votre vie.

Give your weiner something to yap about to his friends by elevating his neighborhood celeb status with a custom pumpkin starring his face.

Show your pittie as much love as he or she shows you.

Give your Dane the greatness he or she deserves! How? By carving out their classy mug on your pumpkin, of course.

Huskies have built-in masks. They were practically designed for Halloween. So it's only natural to put their masked face on a pumpkin. 

Your neighbors will be saying "chi-wow-wow" when they see this carving on your porch.

America's favorite dog most certainly deserves a pumpkin of their very own.


Without a doubt, this is a face worthy of a pumpkin. 

Beagles love to make some noise. Give them something to really howl about this Halloween.

Their faces are black and orange! They should be named the official dog of Halloween, IMO. 

Fun fact: Cocker spaniels are my favorite dog breed. So you'd better believe I'll be printing this out and carving at least one cocker spaniel pumpkin this Halloween. 

Download the patterns here, and don't forget to pin them!