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These Horse Halloween Costumes Will Make You Want a Trusty Steed of Your Own

Costumes for cats and dogs are cute and all (I mean, who can resist a pack of pups dressed up in Star Wars outfits), but our feline and canine pets ain't got nothin' on their equine counterparts when it comes to Halloween.

Yup, we just got opened up to the wonderful world of Halloween costumes for horses. And we found some costumes that are so clever and cute, they totally make us want to adopt a horse of our own. 

We feel like we should throw out a disclaimer that horses require a huge amount of love and care, so it would be irresponsible (though tempting) to run out and get one for Halloween. But if you are lucky enough to have the time and ability to have horses and you don't dress them up in one of these costumes for the holiday, you're doing it wrong.

Originally published October 2015. Updated September 2017.

Painting a skeleton on your horse is easy with some white body paint.

Another "trick of the eye" costume that is totally hilarious — and still totally cute.

Dressing up with a horse as one of the Dark Riders from LOTR is a spooky work of genius.

Proof that every horse secretly dreams of becoming a unicorn or dressing up as one on Halloween.

This Avatar duo looks like it stepped right out of the movie