Pet Owner's Guide to Birds:

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    Bird food 101

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    Feeding your pet can sometimes seem overwhelming. And even though your bird might be able to say"Polly wants a cracker," an...
  2. Birds

    Pacheco's disease in birds

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    Pacheco's disease is a highly infectious and deadly bird illness. It is caused by the rapidly spreading Herpesvirus and especially...
  3. Birds

    Egg binding in birds

    Egg binding is a common reproductive problem in birds, and it occurs when the bird retains the egg in the reproductive tract, unable...
  4. Birds

    Vent prolapse in birds

    Cloacal prolapse or vent prolapse is a condition where the inner tissues of the cloaca protrude (hang out) from the vent, exposing...
  5. Birds

    Beak and feather disease in birds

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    Psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD) is a viral disease which affects not only parrots, but other birds too. Despite its name,...
  6. Birds

    Iron storage disease in birds

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    As in humans, a balanced nutrition is important for your bird. Any nutritional imbalance can result in a host of disorders and...
  7. Birds

    Aerosol poisoning in birds

    Many fumes and other aerosol poisons that affect your bird can be found either in your home, or outside it. From your cookware, to...
  8. Birds

    Common eye disorders in birds

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    Birds can suffer from many different eye disorders. They can be due to an eye injury, or possibly an infection to the area....
  9. Birds

    Fractures in birds

    Just like humans, birds can also fracture (or break) bones and dislocate various joints. (A multiple fracture is when there is more...
  10. Birds

    Gout in birds

    The Avian Gout is a musculoskeletal disorder affecting the muscles and bones around the joints of the bird.
  11. Birds

    Injury in birds

    Pet birds often behave like wild birds when it comes to injuries and accidents. Therefore, your pet bird will have a natural...

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