12 puppy eyes to swoon over

Eyes worth
swooning over

There isn't anything better than coming home after a long day of work to a pair of puppy eyes gazing up at you. Puppies are always there to comfort and provide a little extra love to our world. We’ve put together a group of pictures to show just how amazing a pair of puppy eyes can be!


Cute puppy eyes 1

image source: Twitter #puppy eyes

Whatever it is, it’s ok! I’m sure you didn’t mean it! These eyes get an instant accepted apology for every pair of chewed shoes or slobbered on homework from us.


Cute puppy eyes 2

image source: snuzzy.com

This puppy is the cutest and has eyes that will make you spend an extra thirty minutes outside just so he can run around in the park a little longer.


Cute puppy eyes 3

image source: babble.com

The bigger the eyes, the bigger the heart! We’re a huge fan of this puppy’s adorably huge eyes!


Cute puppy eyes 4

image source: animal-space.net

If a puppy greeted us every time we went to check the mail, it would make the walk to and from a lot shorter.


Cute puppy eyes 5

image source: babble.com

Super cute puppy eyes and a super cute bow tie? Double win! This puppy has got it going on.


Cute puppy eyes 6

image source: babble.com

This dog’s eyes appear to be looking into the distant future, and wherever he plans on going we want to follow! He’s a cutie!

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