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If your feline friend will be accompanying you on your next trip, there are some pet travel must-haves that will ensure smooth travels for all involved. Here are our top picks.

Taking your cat on vacation takes a little extra planning but can be a rewarding experience both for you and your pet. We caught up with Dr. Jessica Trice, the lead veterinarian at Brickyard Banfield Pet Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, who reminded us that when traveling by air, your pet will need a valid health certificate from your veterinarian, so book an appointment with your vet to make sure your cat is healthy enough to travel. Also, “consider having your pet microchipped — it’s the only permanent pet identification method that cannot be altered or removed,” advises Dr. Trice.

Here’s what you need when traveling with your cat:

12 items to pack when you travel with your cat

Keep your cat comfy and secure in a pet carrier that will feel like a home away from home. With a fully collapsible design making it ideal for airline travel, your cat will appreciate this well-made travel carrier. For pets up to 14 pounds. (, $70)

Protect your hotel’s upholstery by giving your cat a safe place to scratch. These scratchers can be hung from doorknobs and come in a variety of fun styles. (, $17)

These hard-to-resist freeze-dried raw treats will have your kitty purring all the way until the destination and are exactly what a cat treat should be – all-natural ingredients and free of preservatives. ( $8) 

If your kitty misses her litter box, don’t fret – this cat stain and odor remover is just what you need to keep your space smelling and looking fresh all trip long. (, $10) 

Super portable and similar to a Scratch 'N' Sniff sticker, these flat sheets with Nano Burst Technology release a continuous, irresistible scent and can be crumpled up and tossed for playtime on the go. (, $6)

Kitties like to go on walks too, so keep yours secure with a harness and leash and let your cat take in the sights and sounds of vacation right by your side. (, $19)

12 items to pack when you travel with your cat

No cat likes water, so if your curious kitty tends to get dirty when on the go, stash a box of these moist wipes in the car to clean her up in lieu of a bath. (, $11)

Prevent ugly spills by keeping your cat’s food secure in this airtight travel container that’s compact and made for easy meals when on the move. (, $20)

Distract your cat on a layover or long car trip with this ball toy complete with feathers, streamers and a bell! (, $6)

Veterinarian recommended, this first aid spray is a must for cuts, hot spots, insect bites and more – all of which might happen while on vacation. So be prepared! (, $12)

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or car, this foldable, disposable litter box is easy to bring along and is exactly what your cat needs to do his business when not at home. (, $20)

After a long trip, reward your cat with a little playtime – catnip style! Perfectly safe and ingestible, put some catnip in your kitty’s favorite toys and let her purr! (, $7) 

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