17 Pugs you'll want to pin

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Pugs we Love

We love taking pictures of our cute pets and, every once in a
while, they will pose for us. Pinterest is the ultimate dog showcase
and a popular tag is for pugs! Pugs love the camera even when they sometimes pretend they don't. They are the ultimate models because they don't put up a fuss, and they are good at keeping still. Here are some photos of the cutest pugs we'd like to pin.


"I thought I said no pictures."

A cute pug

Image source: mugsofpugs.com

Look at how adorable this pug is! It's out of control.

A cute pug

Image source: nelsonndhs.org

"I'm not sure if I should eat this or not."

A cute pug

Image source: funpic.com

The force is strong with this one.

A cute pug

Image source: funpic.com

Ready for her close-up!

A cute pug

Image source: funpic.com

Pugs are just like us. We don't like wearing bunny ears either.

A cute pug

Image source: funpic.com

Those eyes. Goodness, how could you say no to this one?

A cute pug

Image source: funpic.com

It's been a long night.

A cute pug

Image source: funpic.com

Selfie time! Totally profile-pic-worthy.

A cute pug

Image source: funpic.com

This is my derp face. And I'm still adorable.

A cute pug

Image source: funpic.com

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Comments on "17 Pugs you'll want to pin"

Sheryl September 07, 2013 | 10:50 AM

I lost my pug around 6 months ago, and I'm still grieving like it was this morning. He couldn't do anything for himself any more. One morning he was just looking at me the best he could, almost blind, and just let out a single sigh, Like he was trying to think of what to say, and all he came up with was that single "sigh"... In that sigh, he told me all his friends and buddies are gone, Where'd they go, Ma? Don't they wanna play with me any more? I guess it's ok, cause I never feel like playing anyway. I just feel so icky all the time. I wish I could go outside and smell the flowers, but I can't get up the steps to go outside anyway. I like it when you carry me, mom, but I know I'm a little chubby these days, mommy, so you don't have to if you don't wanna. You work so hard to keep me clean, mom..and I know that isn't the kind of job I wanna do, so you must love me a whole bunch. You bring me food and water right to my bed,or I wouldn't be able to eat. As much as I loved him, I had to read the rest of what he was saying in his sigh, I knew what I didn't want him to be saying and as much as I fought it, It kept coming back to me and I couldn't ignore it any more after our conversation that day. I didn't wanna be the mom any more. I dont wanna do the right thing. Does a time ever come when a mom doesn't have to be "the mom" any more. All I wanna do is keep on loving my little sweet dog just like always.. It's been around 6 months or so, and it still feels like it was this morning...

Rj June 21, 2013 | 12:31 PM

Yeah, get one. They are amazing dogs! My girl, cricket, is just a year-old this month????

Brittani June 18, 2013 | 6:24 PM

I've always wanted a pug!

Leah June 18, 2013 | 9:22 AM

This article makes me want to buy a pug!

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