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It's no secret that Cesar Millan has changed the way dog owners approach the training needs of their pets. SheKnows sat down with Cesar for the inside scoop on his newest training program, Training Cesar's Way.

Have you ever wanted to get one-on-one dog training advice from Cesar Millan? Well, now you can! Earlier this year, when Cesar's team contacted SheKnows about his new training seminar, Training Cesar's Way, we just had to get a behind-the-scenes look. Cesar was kind enough to allow us to drop by, take a peak and even ask him some questions.

What we learned

If you think Training Cesar's Way is nothing more than a few hours of sitting in a lecture hall, think again. Cesar's hands-on approach to training was evident at every turn. We were happy to find dog owners from across the country interacting closely with Cesar and his team of trainers to receive professional training advice for their pets.

Held at Cesar Millan's Dog Psychology Center just outside of Los Angeles, California, Training Cesar's way is a five-day seminar that focuses on building a balanced relationship with your dog. By offering insight into the psychological language of dogs, Cesar demonstrates how to confront behavioral issues and shares techniques for achieving a calm, assertive energy.

How to get involved

Cesar has just announced enrollment for the next session of Training Cesar's Way to be held at his brand-new Dog Psychology Center in Florida. The session will run from January 8 through 13, and enrollment is already open. For more information and enrollment details, visit cesarsway.com.

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Comments on "Cesar Millan opens next session of Training Cesar's Way"

Wendi Cascarella April 02, 2014 | 2:00 PM

Dear Cesar, I have 4 dogs & really need your help. They bark at just about everything & 2 of the females get into really bad fights to where one of them has been to the vet on several occasions. It is getting to the point where we are thinking of giving her up after having her for 4 years. We rescued her from the side of the road one winter when she was a puppy. This last fight she almost ripped the ear off the one she always fights. Can you help us PLEASE???? Please feel free to call (865)995-1530 or my cell (865)599-7677. We live in Tennessee. Sincerely, Wendi Cascarella

terry November 17, 2013 | 7:39 AM

Do not use Cesar's ways unless you are willing to risk having your dog attack or bite you, or end up with worse behaviors that s/he started with. The FIRST thing you should do if you are having canine behavior issues is talk to your vet, and then find a licensed canine behaviorist, not a dog trainer. Cesar's way are in opposition to the natural behavior of a dog, ignorant, and sometimes dangerous. Shame on you sheknows, for supporting this awful pretender of a human who knows nothing about the natural behavior of dogs. His ideas are responsible for so many ignorant owners believing him, trying his ideas, and getting hurt by their own dogs. Now you know.

Simone Benthien November 11, 2013 | 1:20 PM

Dear Cesar, I don't know how to connect with you, so I'm writing here. I know you are fighting for Spay & Neuter and we are a small group here in Pinellas County, Florida, that are also fighting for this. The amount of animals put to death every day is horrendous. We keep attending commissioners meetings here trying to get the Spay & Neuter efforts legislated in this county. We have got to somehow get this handled - big time, here and evrywhere! Can you give us some imput. This is a desperate situation. If the media could start reporting it - make people aware of what is really happening in these shelters - maybe we can all make a difference. At this point, this is the kind of effort this needs. Respectfully yours, Simone

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