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Pet lovers around the world can all agree that our animals are not just pets but rather members of our families. These videos capture all the best qualities that our furry friends have to offer and prove that animals truly do have personalities and a deep love for their people. We’ve rounded up the funny, the amazing and the emotional videos that will brighten your day and have you hugging your pet a little tighter.

We’ve rounded up the funny, the amazing and the emotional videos that will brighten your day and have you hugging your pet a little tighter.

When you need a laugh

Some people say that animals don't have personalities, but clearly these people have never owned a pet. Animals' ability to make us laugh even through hard times is one of their best qualities.


Cats can be jerks

Cat people can attest that those little balls of fur pack a lot of spunk and attitude. If you make a cat angry, he'll let you know, and even if you do absolutely nothing, he still may be a jerk. This montage captures cats in their finest jerk moments.


Dog sings and plays piano

A dog that sings and plays the piano — what more could you want? We can't resist a multitalented dog, even if he would fail the first round of American Idol.


Hey! Throw my stick!

When a dog wants to play — you play! Unless you are made of bronze. We can't help but love this dog's persistence and subsequent frustration when this man doesn't want to throw his stick.


Bath time is funny business

Nothing will bring a smile to your face faster than a laughing baby. Add in a cute pup, and this video becomes irresistible. Bookmark this one and watch it anytime you are feeling down.


Just jumping around

We're not sure who had the idea to let this dog test out the trampoline, but we're sure glad they did. The joy this dog gets from playing on the trampoline emanates from the screen, and you can't help but smile when you watch him rolling around.


Bad dog!

Ah, dog shaming — we can't get enough of it. This compilation video shows us the various misdeeds of pets and reminds us that we aren't the only ones with half-eaten shoes and holes in our drywall.


Boxers playing pool

Any home with five boxers is likely to include a few laughs, and this video is no exception. Good luck trying to get the eight ball in the corner pocket when you have a dog working for the other team.


When your owner's away...

Dogs having a blast on a pool slide is funny enough, but it's the backstory that makes us chuckle. Apparently, the homeowners would return home to a soaked backyard and thought the neighbor kids were sneaking in and using their pool while they were gone. They set up a video camera, though, and the truth came out.


Baby talk

If anyone can understand baby talk, it's this dog. We love this cute conversation between this dog and his little best friend. We just wonder what they're talking about.


Oh hey — that looks fun!

OK, so these aren't actually pets, but we couldn't resist this adorable video. Unlike the bulldog video above, these wild foxes had to discover the trampoline on their own. Imagine looking out into your backyard and seeing these two guys having a blast on your trampoline.

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