Hyped-Up Hoax?

Have you ever wished that your pet could talk? Well, maybe he can. Animal communication is becoming increasingly popular, and animal communicators claim they can actually speak with animals. But is it just a hoax? We investigate further.

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What is animal communication?

Put simply, animal communication is a silent, telepathic language that functions via deepened intuition. Animal communicators are very much in tune with this ability and use it to have a dialogue with an animal. Animal communication is not about deciphering an animal’s body language or behavior, though. It’s an actual exchange of information between the communicator and animal in the form of words, mental images, feelings and more.

"You just need to believe that it is possible to talk to them, and most importantly, love them."

We caught up with Bernadette Hileman, a Master Six Sensory Practitioner, Spiritual Intuitive and Animal Communicator, who explained further. “When communicating with any animals, whether it is a bird, dog, bunny, cat, horse or any loving creature,” explains Bernadette, “ I do hear actual words, a genuine conversation will begin, and we always exchange pictures. Because I am empathic (one who senses energies and feelings that are felt by another animal or human), I am able to feel any pain or emotions as well.” She went on to say that most animals enjoy communicating. “Animals are typically always open to communicating with me because they have now connected with someone who becomes their voice and they are very happy to be heard. Some of them are quite the Chatty Kathys!"

Are animal communicators for real?

Depending on how open-minded you are, you might not buy into the whole idea of animal communication. It’s normal to be skeptical and for good reason: animal communication defies logic. That said, thousands of people around the world work as animal communicators, but as with any profession, not all of them are genuine. Do your research before handing over your hard-earned money. Kimberly Gauthier, the blogger behind Keep The Tail Wagging, shares her opinion. “I’ve spoken with a couple of animal communicators who were not the real deal. This is a growing profession that is ripe for fraud and people need to hold on tight to their wallets — which is hard when it comes to the emotions that surround our love of our pets,” she cautions.

While animal communicators can help identify an injury or illness, it is probably best to consult with your veterinarian first during an emotionally vulnerable time. When you’re looking for answers, it’s easy to divulge too much information to someone who says they’re going to talk to your animal.

Is it for you?

Animal communicators work with all kinds of animals for a variety of reasons, but is it right for you? “If a pet owner sees this ‘for entertainment purposes only,’ I think they'll find that it's worth the money,” Kimberly advises. Speaking of money, animal communicators range in price from about $20 up to a couple of hundred per session. While it’s not cheap, many pet owners find working with an animal communicator to be beneficial. It’s suited for any pet owner who loves their animal and feels that this type of communication is possible. “You just need to believe that it is possible to talk to them, and most importantly, love them. It is this mutual love that will always connect you to your very best furry friend,” says Bernadette.

Expert tips

Here are Kimberly’s three tips for working with an animal communicator:

  1. Don't offer loads of information because if they just repeat it to you in a different form, you'll regret the session later as you start to question whether it was real or not.
  2. If you're hesitant to pay their fee, then don't. If there's a choice between paying a vet or paying a communicator, pay the vet. Choose a communicator who is within your budget.
  3. Before you make a payment, make a list of what you want to tell (or ask) your pets. Get guidelines from your communicators, and don't be afraid to ask for references and Google the person's name first. Money and time are valuable and you should feel that you got a good value.

Has your curiosity been piqued? The best way to see if animal communication is beneficial to you is to just try it out. Have fun and your animal may surprise you!

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Comments on "The truth about animal communication"

Lesley Sherlock March 23, 2014 | 5:46 PM

There are a number of well known animal communicators out there who are very successful, caring people and genuinely can give help and support to people and their animals. Animal telepathy is something anyone can learn. I have taken a couple of courses myself and each time I am astonished at how accurately you can report back to a total stranger about how their pet behaves, personality traits, favourite foods etc. It is a real privilege to contact an animal in this way and each time I have tried a communication it feels like a miracle, like I am tapping into an ancient skill that we humans have largely forgotten, but which animals just take for granted. Dr Doolittles do exist! Once you have experienced it, it can change your whole perception of the reality of existence and brings a kind of magic to your life.

Tony March 02, 2014 | 6:42 AM

I am highly sceptical about this simply because of my own experiences. Animal communicators have told me things which have not happened, for instance a lost pet that would return who never did, and the 'gut' feeling mentioned my the last contributor hasn't ever added up with my animals just as it appears to have no resemblence to the rest of real life. A medical scientist would tell you how it has been proven all our feelings and emotions are generated first in the brain, even if they are experienced in another part of the body (which is actually still taking place in the brain and giving a 'ghost' feeling of being elsewhere) and I cannot see how this can connect with something external to us.

Jane March 06, 2013 | 8:51 AM

They can't be serious! Oh, yes they can. A hoax, for sure.

Janet Roper March 06, 2013 | 6:51 AM

I am a professional animal communicator, and yes, animal communicators and animal communication are for real! Simply put, everyone can and does connect intuitively with animals, most people simply call it a 'gut feeling', 'hunch' or 'coincidence'. When I am connected with an animal, I am consciously and purposefully using my intuition to receive the information that animal has to share. Connecting intuitively with animals, whether you do it yourself or engage the services of a professional, is simply another practical tool in the toolbox of keeping your beloved animal pal healthy, happy and safe, and also consciously building the bond and relationship between the two of you. In my animal communication practice, my goal is to create a win/win for all involved, regardless of species. Animal communication is not magic, there is usually homework involved on the human's part. Animal communication does not replace medical diagnosis, treatment or training for your companion. Yes, by all means, do your research when you are considering working with a communicator, just as you would if you were considering working with a doctor, attorney or contractor. Working with the communicator that is right for you and your animal pal can be a life changing experience for both of you.

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