Maria Menounos
Girl Crush: Maria Menounos

The front yard playground

We all love to get outside with our furry friends, and this month's Girl Crush, Maria Menounos, is no different. So, where is her favorite place to let her pups loose? It just happens to be the front yard! Follow her lead and transform the front of your home into an outdoor pet playground. We'll show you how!

To wind down after a hectic day, Maria enjoys sitting in her front yard with her dogs, watching them play. Enjoying quiet time with your dogs can be a fun and stress-free way to wind down. However, watching your dogs run around in circles might make your head spin. To make the most of your outdoor play session, we've rounded up three pet products to help your dog blow off some steam.

Star Mark Everlasting Treat Ball for Dogs (Petco, $20)

The never-ending treat

If your dog has been couped up all day and needs some good, fun exercise, let them roll around with a tasty snack that keeps them on the go. Many behavioral problems in dogs come from excess energy they need to burn — so give them a toy they'll want to chase! The never-ending treat ball is fun and safe for your pup and is a great way to keep your furry-friends entertained.

Star Mark Everlasting Treat Ball for Dogs (, $20)

Chuckit! Jr. Ball Launcher (, $10)

Slobber-free ball launcher

Every dog owner knows the feeling of grabbing your dog's favorite tennis ball in hopes of a good fetch session! But, feeling that wet, sticky sensation of slobber all over your hands will quickly dampen your playtime. Nobody wants hands that are soaked in saliva — and that's why we love ball launchers! Just a flip of the handle will keep the tennis ball flying, while keeping your hands slobber-free.

Chuckit! Jr. Ball Launcher (, $10)

Ethical Pet Puppy Pull Outdoor Interactive Dog Toy (, $11)

Interactive pull toys

Using an interactive pull toy is a fun way for your dog to play tug-of-war with minimal to no effort from you. Not only is this toy enjoyable for your pup, but it will also increase agility and strength in your four-legged companion. Simply attach one end to a tree, then kick up your feet with your favorite novel in hand and enjoy a cold beverage. It's a great way to get some much-needed downtime while your pets are happily entertained.

Ethical Pet Puppy Pull Outdoor Interactive Dog Toy (, $11)

Relaxing playtime

Like Maria, you can find a happy pet retreat just outside your front door. All you need are a few fun toys and a cozy place to kick back. Our Girl Crush knows how to make the most out of life by making time for a pet play date. Sometimes, it's the simple things that take the edge off a long, hard day!

Maria Menounos


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