Pooch smoothies

Power-boosted pups

Dog smoothies

With the right ingredients, the same energizing smoothie that gets you up and running in the morning can be shared with your pooch. Just like the human kind, smoothies can provide excellent health benefits for our four-legged friends. The health benefits of certain fruits and vegetables can put a spring in your dog's step — you may even find yourself with a new furry running partner.

Base ingredients for the smoothie

First, start with a dog-friendly base option like chicken or beef stock, plain yogurt or water. These items will help give your concoction a smoothie-like texture when combined with fruits and vegetables. For added flavor, throw in a tablespoon of all-natural organic honey or peanut butter.

Choose healthy mix-ins

The best pet-friendly fruits and vegetables and their benefits:

  • Apples: These make an excellent snack and a great addition to any pooch smoothie. Be sure to steer clear of apple seeds, as they contain cyanide, which can become harmful to your pet if given in excess.
  • Bananas: The natural sugars in this sweet ingredient are rapidly metabolized and provide a quick energy boos,t and your dog will love the added creamy texture.
  • Blueberries: This little tasty treats provide an excellent source of antioxidants and are perfectly safe for your pooch. Blueberries are known to help prevent heart disease, cancer and other health conditions in humans, and they can do the same for your pet. Feel free to venture out and try other berries as well, strawberries, raspberries and other blackberries are all dog-approved fruits.
  • Oranges: This juicy fruit is a great non-toxic option for pets, however, the high sugar content can cause your pet to quickly put on the pounds if given in excess. Feed your pooch an orange slice or two in moderation to prevent obesity, and don’t forget to mind the seeds.
  • Carrots: Low in calories and high in vitamin A, carrots make wonderful snacks on their own and they're a high fiber add-in for pooch smoothies.
  • Pumpkin: Known for clearing up digestive issues, pumpkin can improve GI tract movement and also provides a healthy source of fiber.
  • Spinach: Given in moderation, spinach can be a great addition to your pet's diet. It contains vitamin K, which helps promote healthy bone growth, and it also contains antioxidants and iron to aid in sustainable health.

Blend together and serve in a bowl, or freeze portions in an ice cube tray for a cool treat!

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pat harris February 08, 2014 | 9:12 AM

Where is the actual recipe? I only see suggestions of what to put into a smoothie, not the actual measurements.

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