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No holiday shopping list is complete without a few knockout gifts for your four-legged furry friend. Make your pooch feel like the treasured family member he is with a gift or two from our dog gift guide. From the gourmet dog to the senior dog and more, there's something for every set of paws out there! Here are our "paw-some" gift picks for the dog in your life!

The gourmet dog

Dog donuts

Who says donuts are just for humans? Spoil your dog with these Gourmet Tails Vanilla Mini Donuts with Sprinkles Dog Treats for a sweet treat. (Amazon, $5)

Gourmet Dog Treats

Because our dogs are part of the family, shouldn't we feed them the same? These Becca's Barkery Bacon, Egg & Cheese Gourmet Dog Biscuits are made of 100 percent human grade ingredients and have no added preservatives. (Amazon, $31)

gourmet dog jerky

Throw away your average beef jerky and upgrade your pup's pallet with Loving Pet Gourmet Meat Treats made of 100 percent duck fillet.
(Amazon, $15)

Green Interactive Feeder.

For the dog who loves mealtime, make it a little more interesting with the Green Interactive Feeder. He'll delight in finding all of the hidden morsels and will be begging to use the feeder with every meal. This feeder, suitable for all size dogs, also stimulates curiosity and slows down eating. Sure beats a regular old feeding bowl! (Amazon, $27) 

The festive pup

Elf dog costume

Although elves might be small, you can still dress up your larger dog like one! This Christmas Elf/Robin Hood Dog Costume is perfect to make your larger dog feel like a little Christmas elf. (Amazon, $25)

Holiday Plush Reindeer Antlers and Ears with Faux Light Bulbs

Spread the holiday cheer all around your neighborhood every time you go on a walk with the Holiday Plush Reindeer Antlers and Ears with Faux Light Bulbs. The plush brown antlers have an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit and will just beg for attention at every holiday party. (Amazon, $6)

Hannukah dog hoodie

If you celebrate Hanukkah, make sure your furry loved one gets in on the action with this Happy Hanukkah Screen Print Pet Coat. This pink hoodie will not only keep your pup warm, but also have them looking extra stylish.(Amazon, $31)

The active dog

Release N Run Leash

If you often walk your dog off-leash and hate carrying around the leash once you unhook him, the Release N Run Leash from Rad Dog is exactly what you've been waiting for. Super strong and made of climbers webbing, the 4-foot built-in leash retracts into the collar, leaving your hands free to throw balls and sticks at the park. When you need to use the leash again, just grab the loop on the collar. Easy and really handy, right? (Amazon, $40)

Chew Guard Technology toys

For the dog who takes playtime extremely seriously, look no further than the durable toys from GoDogFun. Built to last with Chew Guard Technology, these brightly colored toys are what your pup needs if he gets a little carried away when it comes to chewing and biting. Made with safety in mind, these toys stand up to the most aggressive tug-o-wars. Our favorite? The floppy goDog dragons! (Amazon, $13)

Dog booties

These Ultra Paws Traction Dog Boots are the perfect present for your pooch's paws warm this winter. They are maximized to ensure good traction to prevent slips and come in sizes extra small through extra large. (Amazon, $23)

Cloak & Dawggie Sport Parka

No one likes shivering — your dog included — so keep your active pup warm this winter with the chic Cloak & Dawggie Sport Parka. This cozy cold weather must-have is made of durable, lightweight waterproof nylon and will keep your pet looking good while running around when the temperature dips. With warm polar fleece lining and reflective trim, this colorful coat is one holiday gift that every active dog needs. (Amazon, $41)

The senior dog

Orthopedic Bolster Personalized Dog Bed

A senior dog needs a little extra TLC, so treat your older furry family member to this plush Orthopedic Bolster Personalized Dog Bed from Carolina Pet Company. Easy on the joints and tender areas with four inches of medical grade orthopedic foam and 100 percent high loft polyester fill, this bed will be much appreciated with every step, roll and snooze. You might just be jealous of your dog with this one! (Amazon, $120)

Silver Tails Infrared Massager,

Massages aren't just for people, and after just one session with the Silver Tails Infrared Massager, your senior dog will know the true meaning of the word pampered. The two heated massage heads help soothe sore muscles, arthritis and other discomforts and will leave your pet grinning out of pure bliss. Rechargeable battery and charger included. (Amazon, $28)

Petco Premium Pet Stroller

Sometimes going for a vigorous walk isn't an option, so take your dog for a stroll instead — in the Petco Premium Pet Stroller complete with a storage compartment and reflective trim for safety. Not just for babies, strollers are a fantastic option for when your dog just isn't able to walk himself but still wants to take in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. (Amazon, $85)

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Comments on "Holiday gift guide for dogs"

Mandy January 10, 2013 | 2:17 PM

Yes, pets are part of the family too so I see no reason that they should be excluded from the gift portion of Christmas! Although I think the goggles are absolutely adorable, I'm sure what my dog really wants is some of those grillicious treats!!

Lexi January 06, 2013 | 12:41 PM

Cool stuff! I love to dress up my dog and make him more festive (he's not so excited about it) for holidays. Thanks for the cool tips!

Michelle November 24, 2012 | 10:20 AM

I love these ideas! We have three dogs and I was wanting to get them something for Christmas. Thanks for this!

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