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 Cee-Lo Green & Purrfect

We all think we have the cutest dog or cat (or even iguana if that's your thing) in the world. Celebrities are no different. They love their fur babies, too! Check out these 10 celebs who love their four-legged (or no-legged) friends.

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CeeLo Green and Purrfect

While he's come under fire recently for his ownership of an endangered Moluccan cockatoo, no one can deny CeeLo Green has a soft spot for animals. The Voice coach/judge made headlines during season two of NBC's hit voice competition while stroking a fluffy white cat, Purrfect, during his interviews. Purrfect, who has her own Twitter account, landed an endorsement deal with Del Monte with a little help from her talented papa. The pair's remix of the Meow Mix jingle is available on the company's website. For every download, a pound of cat food will be donated to Pets are Wonderful Support.

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Anna April 26, 2013 | 2:24 PM

Taylor Swift's dog is not named Miranda it's Merideth!!!!!!!

Sharon August 08, 2012 | 1:28 PM

I love that Obama got the kids a dog when he became president. I’ve never had a Portuguese water dog but I hear they are very smart

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