Special Treats For Your Feline Friend!

Pamper your best pet pal -- your cat -- with excellent food, special treats and the care and attention he craves!

kitten playing with new toy

For most cat owners, their furry friend is much more than a pet. The loyalty and love a cat brings into your home makes it a member of the family! Because you return the love, it's nice to be able to pamper your cat with some special activities, treats and the very best care. Here are a few ways to pamper your favorite feline!


Cats love catnip -- just be careful not to give them too much, as excessive amounts can hurt a cat's body. A pinch or two as a special treat is purr-fect!


Everybody loves a massage, and your cat is no exception. Gently rub the cat, giving special attention to the head and tummy.

Clean litter box

Cats are fastidious by nature, so keep their litter box clean and fresh.

Veterinary care

Take your cat to the veterinarian for regular check-ups to keep him healthy, and always get immediate medical attention if the pet is ill.

New toys

Cats love toys: rubber mice, balls with bells inside, a roll of yarn, etc. Reward your pal with a new toy occasionally. The natural curiosity of a cat will make the introduction of something new an especially fun treat.


Cats regularly groom themselves, but they'll enjoy being brushed. It's a mini-massage that keeps their coat sleek and snarl-free, and it feels great.

Play space

It's a jungle outside with a world full of hazards to cats. That's why many owners choose to keep their cats indoors. You can buy or build an outdoor enclosure so your frisky friend will have some new play space to explore and enjoy the fresh air!

Plant it

Plant some cat grass in your outdoor cat enclosure. It's available at most pet supply stores and will satisfy your cats urge to graze on plants.


Install a safe indoor perch for your pal near a sunny window. Online retailers and pet stores sell padded perches where pampered pets can relax and enjoy watching the world go by.

Roaming space

Cats are curious and like to roam the house. Leave doors open to bedrooms and bathrooms so the cat can come and go as the mood strikes!

Temperature control

Cats enjoy warmth, so don't turn the furnace down too low in winter when you leave home for the day. Have a couple of fleece blankets for the cat to cuddle with -- they're a perfect cozy comfort at nap time!

Good eats

Cats can be finicky eaters, so pay attention to the special foods your cat enjoys. It should be healthy, nutritious and in a flavor and formula that the cat prefers.

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Comments on "Ways to pamper your cat every day"

Adrienne May 29, 2012 | 2:57 PM

My family and I, as busy as our lives are try our best to do all that we can to keep our cats happy and socially interacting with one another. Since it's easier for us to let them do their own thing while we're all at work/school, I've noticed a change in their attitude when they feel left alone for too long. They won't be sleeping in their normal napping spot, refuse to eat their food or don't come around the family as often as they used to. We also realized we have to clean THREE different litter boxes on a daily basis for two cats or else they will start to poop outside of the box and onto the floor. We take this as their cry for help when feeling neglected. Whenever we go away for summer vacations or weekend getaways, we often leave out their favorite blankets spread out on the couch and throw around a few of their favorite toys to play with to keep themselves entertained while we're gone. This also ensures that they will keep themselves busy while they have no people interaction for the time being. You must treat them like young children, they are a lot of work!

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