Why lap dogs rock

Why lap dogs are great friends
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Lap-Dog lovin'

Every time you see a puppy, you grin like a 3-year-old and wonder what it would be like to have a dog. Owning a lap dog is like having a puppy all the time! The next time you are roaming the aisles at the pet store, wondering if now is the time to get a lap dog, remember the following.

A lap dog can make a great substitute for a baby

You may be very excited about the idea of having a baby, but this is just not the right time. Or maybe you are on the other side of child-rearing: Your kids are grown and gone, but you still have the urge to mother something. Whatever your maternal instincts are telling you, little dogs can ease your baby fever, teach you what full-time responsibility is like, or fill the void left by babies who have flown the nest.

It's all in the presentation

Just like babies, little dogs can be fun to accessorize and dress up. There may be a point where this becomes freakish or socially unacceptable, but making your doggie look cute — as long as you aren't going broke doing it or isolating yourself from your human friends — can be a lot of fun.

Stranger danger

Little dogs are known for their yappers and can alert you when a stranger is near. They can't really do anything about it, unlike guard dogs, but they can at least let you know that someone is about to break into your apartment. If you're a burglar and you think your ankle is going to be used as a chew-toy at one house and not at another, which house are you going to break into?


Loyalty is the biggest reason lap dogs rock. Little dogs tend to bond with owners more closely because they can, well, sit in their laps and sleep in their beds. Larger breeds can't do that. A lap dog is never going to not return a text message. It won't ever leave you for dead when you want to hang out. It is never not going to call you. It will never leave you for a hotter owner. You get the picture. If you are tired of getting dumped on by humans, take heart in the certainty that a lap dog thinks you are coolest thing ever… and for always.

Low maintenance

Lap dogs are low-maintenance compared to a baby or larger dog. They don't take up much space. They don't eat much, and therefore, don't poop much. They travel easily and are accepted in places that large dogs aren't. The only time a lap dog becomes high-maintenance is when it develops a diva complex because everyone thinks it's so cute.

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