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Do you look forward to your dog tackling you with love every time you walk in the door? How about the calming purr of your cat as it rests on your chest? Pet owners know that their pets are special -- now they’ve set their tongues a’ waggin’ to tell you exactly why.

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They're incredible business partners

When you go into business with your pet, you know that your partner will never double-cross you, will always pull his weight and will never let you down. It takes guts to turn your love of pets into a business, but for those owners who have done it, they know the experience is worth the struggle.

"I love my pug dog, Lola, and after trying to figure out what direction to take with my business -- I realized that I had to follow my doggie bliss and specialize in dog photography. It was the best move I ever made and it probably wouldn't have happened without Lola in my life." -- Cheryl Colombo

"In a nutshell, my dog, Poncho, has changed my life. After my husband and I adopted him in 2003, we set out to learn as much about dog behavior as possible. Long story short? I am now a certified professional dog trainer! This is my third career and the one I love!" -- Joan Hunter Mayer

It's the little things

Sometimes it's the little things that shape relationships in life, and the relationship with a pet is no different. If your pet's goofy bark or quirky behavior makes your heart melt, you're not alone. Hear about the little loves that pet owners can't get enough of:

"I love it when Mr. Helmut greets me each morning with a huge stuffed toy in his mouth as he crawls on my chest to say 'good morning.'" -- Amy Casey

"I love my dog because watching her stick her head out the window in the car just cracks me up every time." -- Vicki Rabe

"I have horses, cats, dogs and goats. My gang is a steadying energy in a hectic world. My pets have a schedule that they insist on adhering to no matter what is going on -- walks, feeding time, naps and bedtime all must be done on time, or else!" -- Carrie Leber

"I kid around with my friends that Sophie is the Beyonce of dogs. If I take a photo around the house or with friends, I'll look at it later and she always put herself in it!" -- PJ Gach

They're true companions

As any pet owner knows, pets don't have the same type of hang-ups or grudges that humans have. They're perfectly willing to walk with you through life, comfort you in your troubles and cheer you on when life is grand. Mary McCoy said it well when she summed up her relationship with her dog, "He has been a part of my whole marriage and we have made some wonderful memories with him by our side."

Mary's not alone. Hear how other pet owners summarize the love and companionship of their pets:

"The perfect human would have the attitude of a dog -- loving, loyal, happy, protective, faithful and honest. I wish I could be more like my dogs because every day is the best day of their life. Dogs are amazing." -- Kate Sokolewicz

"There is nothing like the love of a dog. All of mine are rescues, two having been abused, yet the first day they trusted me with all their hearts. Dogs are unique in that they're nothing like humans; they can go through hell, yet forgive easily and they put their human before themselves. That kind of love is the best feeling in the world. I only hope I can sufficiently repay them." -- Heather Delmas

"Two months after getting married, my husband was deployed to Afghanistan for a year. I was all alone in a new city with no friends or family, but thank God for my dog! She was always there to keep me company and help me meet new friends." -- Ashley Torresala

"I have two dogs and two cats who have gotten me through a divorce, two major career changes, the death of my parents, my new marriage, two rounds of in vitro fertilization, two miscarriages and a year-long depression. My pets have been by my side, crying with me, walking, cuddling and giving complete, unconditional love. I never would have made it through all that without them." -- Lisa Alexander

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Comments on "Pet owners speak: Why I love my pet"

Linda October 12, 2011 | 3:17 AM

I tell my friends that most of the time, I prefer the company of my dogs to that of humans. They laugh and call me crazy and I ask them, where can they find a human that is loving, loyal, happy, protective, faithful and honest? You can't. When I come home from a bad day at work, all I have to do is take one look at my babies, and it all goes away. They greet me with joy, playfulness, eager to spend time with me, tails wagging and lots of "kisses". No human could ever compare to such unconditional love.

Linda October 12, 2011 | 3:02 AM

When I worked long hours in Austin and couldn't commute home to San Antonio , I had to find an affordable place to live so I chose a mobile home in the country. It was a two bedroom sitting on four acres. Lots of space for my dogs too. What I didn't know at the time and would find out later, was that it had a very old electrical system and could barely power the refrigerator, let alone the central heat & air. It was the first week of February and very cold. I tried to warm the bedroom with a space heater but even on the "high" setting, it wasn't warming. It was now 16 degrees outside! Burrrr cold. So, I put a pile of comforters on the floor mattress. My dogs - BeeBee a Miniature Schnauzer, Reno an Old English Sheepdog, and Damian a Rottweiler, seemed to "sense" that I was cold even under the covers. So, one by one, they moved to the mattress and strategically placed themselves above the covers. BeeBee curled up under the covers with just her little nose sticking out from underneath. Reno curled up across my ankles to keep my feet warm. Damian stretched out with his back along my back to keep my body warm. So there we lay, nice and snug. Had it not been for my dogs, I would not have survived those cold lonely nights inside that old mobile home. They were my company on lonely nights, they were my protectors, and they kept me warm. They still are ALL those things and more. They're my babies and I love them all.

Linda October 12, 2011 | 2:26 AM

The new additions came as most usually do - UNEXPECTEDLY. It was 2009 - my cousin, the owner of my Rottweilers mother, found a stray female dog in her neighborhood's park. For three weeks, she had seen her wandering the park until she decided to take her home. It wasn't soon after that, that her Vet told her the dog was pregnant - VERY pregnant with a lot of puppies. So, she waited for labor to begin but when it finally did, it was nothing like Jasmine's had been. Mama dog had initially given birth to two sets of twins. My cousin sat vigil with mama dog until a day later, my phone rang. She was worried that something was wrong. Knowing that I had worked at Vet clinics and volunteered countless hours at rescue shelters, she wanted my advise. So I arrived at her house that Friday afternoon. I took one look at mama dog and knew she was in trouble. We immediately transported her to the nearest 24hr Vet Hospital. They said mama dog needed an immediate C-Section or she would die. The surgery went smoothly but sadly, the remaining five puppies could not be saved. Two were found decomposing, another had ruptured the uterus whereby releasing toxins throughout her body. Had we not taken her when we did, she most certainly would have died. Mama dog spent the weekend at the Vet hospital for observation. Once released, she would not be able to nurse the four surviving puppies. We were afraid that when she got home, she would try to nurse them or worse yet, reject them and try to kill them. So we brought the four puppies to my home. I moved all of my bedroom furniture out into the living room and turned my bedroom into a Puppy Nursery. We bought a "baby gate" and kept it blocking the doorway to keep BeeBee out of the room. The puppies were raised without complications. At their two month Vet visit, all four were diagnosed with Parvo. We were devastated. So between myself, my cousin, and her boyfriend, we all pitched in to pay for their treatment. They had to stay quarantined at the Vet hospital. Three of the puppies were released after a week of treatment, the fourth was very weak and at first, it looked like she might not make it. She was the "youngest" of the twins. To our amazement, she pulled through and was released a week later. We had to continue to administer medications at home and everything had to be kept sterilized, floors mopped with bleach water, shoes taken off at the front door, and linens kept clean and sterile. I also cooked up a Tea Elixir my mother used to give to our dogs to boost their immune system, and it worked! The puppies survived! However, Parvo still left its ugly mark. The puppies would not be able to eat the usual dog food. Their food would have to be a Special Diet for the first three to five years of their life. And the Tea Elixir would become their favorite "drink cocktail" before water. It would be hard to find them homes so we decided they'd have to stay with us. Since our furry family had grown once more, we had to move yet again. This time, we found a home in the country with plenty of room for ALL of our pets! We kept our home in the city so our pets have grown used to "traveling" from one to the other. Now, two years later, the puppies are strong and healthy. My cousin kept the boys, and I kept the girls. I'll never forget the look of the youngest girl when they were diagnosed with Parvo and we were given the option to put them down. She looked at me, floppy ears down, and very sad eyes, as if to say - "please mommy, don't let me die". My heart just sank. We just couldn't do it. We HAD to fight for their survival. And not a day goes by that I don't regret the decision for treatment. No amount of money could ever repay the love and loyalty these dogs have shown us. They are our miracle puppies - the twins King & Queenie / Louie & Lolita. American Staffordshire Terrier Lab Pit mixes. Their mother Lucy - also a cervical cancer survivor. Our precious babies.

Linda October 12, 2011 | 1:35 AM

Three summers ago, this little golden puppy showed up at my front door. He ran loose for over a month, coming and going until one day, he was gone. Several weeks later, he returned in the worst condition imagineable. I felt sorry for the little guy and took him in hoping that I would find his owners OR find him a home. Weeks past and he slowly gained his strength and his beautiful golden color. Once he was strong enough, I took him to the Vet. He was fixed, brought up to date on all his shots, tested negative for heartworms, and since he hadn't barked yet, I also thought there was something wrong with his vocal cords. The Vet said he was fine. So I brought him back home. No one came forward to claim him. He had not barked and I was really becoming concerned but the Vet said he just needed time to get used to his new surroundings. So we waited. Then one night, I head an usual noise outside. I stepped out and there, sitting in the middle of the backyard, was our little golden pup and he was "barking". It wasn't your typical "bark" either. It sounded like something between a SEAL BARK and a WOLF HOWL! Poor baby, never learned to bark like a normal dog! It took some getting used to but that's who he is. Months have now turned into years and here he is. He's grown into the most loyal and obedient dog anyone could ever wish for. Breed: German Shepherd Malinois mix. I named him - Buddy. (My little Bud Bud is HOME)

Linda October 12, 2011 | 12:43 AM

BeeBee will be 10yrs old this October 21st. Reno will be 6yrs old April 2012. And then, there was three. My cousins female Rottweiler - Jasmine, became pregnant by the neighbors Chow/Lab mix who jumped the fence one night. She gave birth to TWELVE very healthy puppies!!! Four were born with German Shepherd markings, four looked like Rottweiler puppies, and four looked like their father - jet black Labs. She pleaded with family members and friends to help her find homes for these puppies. So I chose the one with Rottweiler markings. He had been born in his own little sac, all by himself. And every time I help him, the tip of his little pink tongue was sticking out the front, so cute. His name would come to hold meaning to the family. My cousins's nephew had once owned twin Rottweiler pups. One died at 2yrs old when he accidentally got out of the yard and into the neighbors anti-freeze. The other, died at the ripe old age of eleven years old. So I named MY Rottweiler in memory of them. His name is Damian Brando. At 147lbs all muscle, he still thinks he's a lap dog! He grew to be the largest of all his siblings. He suffers from allergies and frequent ear infections so he's on medications year round. Yep, Damian is my "little boy".

Linda October 12, 2011 | 12:30 AM

First there was BeeBee, my Mini Schnauzer. Then came - a puppy that was found by some close family friends who saw him walking along a country road. The puppy was a month old, emaciated, covered in ticks & fleas, following a goat. They took him to their Vet, cleaned him up, and took him home. Since they already had four large dogs of their own, they couldn't keep this puppy, so they handed out fliers, and started taking him to their place of business in hopes of finding him a home. A month later, I stopped by and there I saw a pair of furry paws barely sticking out from under the desk. I coaxed him out from under, and as soon as he placed his big furry paws on my lap & wagged his tail, I fell in love! I took him home, cleaned him up and later had him fixed. My Vet said this puppy was an Old English Sheepdog so he was going to grow into a VERY large dog. I named him Renovian Maximus Pons, "Reno" for short. So, we moved out of our apartment into a home with a large yard. Now almost six years later, he's my "lil mud pie". His fur attracts mud like magnets to metal! And, to my chagrin, he loves to roll around in the mud! making his beautiful white fur turn an ugly beige color. Yep, he's my "lil mud pie". LOL. And we love him.

Linda October 11, 2011 | 11:59 PM

Why I love my pets? - BeeBee, my minature schnauzer was a gift to my daughter from my sister who breeds Miniature Schnauzers. We brought BeeBee home at 3mths old. But, it soon became clear that she wasn't going to be my daughter's dog, she chose me instead. She follows me everywhere, from room to room, and never leaves my side. I cannot be away from home longer than three days. BeeBee will fall into a very deep depression. She stops eating and drinking water until I return. So if I can take her with me, I do. If not, and I absolutely have to be out of town, I don't stay more than three days. All for my BeeBee. My precious "little wolf".

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