To The Dogs!

This world really has gone to the dogs! People treat their four-legged companions more like family members than ever before, pampering them beyond belief. Who better to spoil their pets than celebrities who seem to have endless piles of cash? Here we present some of Hollywood's most famous pet owners and the pets that they spoil rotten!

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Majel and Gene Roddenberry

Roddenberry dogs

Owner: Majel Roddenberry
When actress Majel Roddenberry, wife of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, died in 2008, she made sure that her dogs would not go hungry…to say the least! The trust documents specified that the dogs would get to live in one of her multimillion-dollar mansions and are allotted $4 million for "upkeep" of their living quarters. One of Roddenberry's domestic employees, Reinelda Estupinian, was given $1 million and the right to live in the mansion with the dogs, due to the care she provides for the dogs. [Photo: Roddenberry Archives]

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