Best animal charities

Helping Out The Animals

Looking for a way to help animals? Lend a hand to one of these world-renowned charities.

Dog Pound


Where: United States
History: This animal protection organization was the first of its kind, established in 1866.
What they do: The organization's focus is preventing cruelty to animals, but they also organize pet adoptions, work with local shelters and offer educational services to help people better care for their animals.
How you can help: Donate your time or make a financial contribution.
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(formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund)
Where: International
History: With offices in more than 90 countries and more than $1 billion dollars of investment in the protection of wildlife, WWF has spent five decades protecting animals and nature.
What they do: From education to fundraising and partnerships with big business, WWF is trying to stop the destruction of local habitats.
How you can help: Donate your time or make a financial contribution.

One World Wildlife

Where: United Kingdom
History: With the slogan, "We share one earth, saving them is saving ourselves," One World Wildlife is a newer organization devoted to saving the world's animals, include those living in our local habitats.
What they do: The organization works to save animals from dangerous situations and to protect their natural ecosystems.
How you can help: By donating or adopting/sponsoring an animal (you can choose from a wide selection of animals to support, from exotic to domestic), you'll be able to say you're making the lives of animals worldwide happier and healthier.

Wildlife Conservation Fund

Where: International, United States
History: Founded in 1895, the Wildlife Conservation Fund has been working to protect wildlife around the globe for more than a century. Their commitment?  To protect 25 percent of the world's biodiversity.
What they do: The organization has forged one of the most comprehensive animal charities in the world. They currently manage about 500 projects, run education programs and run five of New York City's zoos.
How you can help: Donate to one of their campaigns or volunteer your time with one of their locally affiliated organizations.

Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT)

Where: Canada
History: Founded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, CAAT sent 82 veterinarians and technologists to Louisiana to rescue the animals (including hundreds of cats and dogs) that were displaced by the devastating storm.
What they do: They provide education on the health needs and care requirements for domesticated animals and work with community disaster response teams to develop animal rescue plans.
How you can help: Make a financial contribution.


Comments on "Best animal charities"

idiot January 12, 2014 | 5:07 PM

this is terrible and so slow

Annette December 28, 2013 | 5:29 AM

I also have donated to ASPCA in the past, and have heard of their high-paid CEO. Is this true? I was told by my vet that the best place to donate my dollars is to my local animal shelter.....anyone else do this?

Melissa Casey January 29, 2013 | 1:21 AM

I wont donate to the aspca becausee 500k of donation funds goes to pay for thier CEO, they also spend lots of money on thier advertizing. I think it is smart to advertize, but I think they can help A LOT more animals than they do. Does anyone have any info that this is'nt true? I'd love if it wasn't so I could continue to donate, but I refuse to if my money is'nt helping ANIMALS

jule May 07, 2012 | 9:49 PM

if you want the best results to help endangered animals and habitats around the world, i would highly recommend Endangered Species International! Being a volunteer for 5 months I can say that this NGOs really do want what they say and I can see the difference on the ground not like WWF (I was a volunteer too there)

Carrie April 24, 2011 | 2:18 PM

I'm a child trying to raise money for animals and this website really helped me to find some charities that I may consider. I cry at ASPCA commercials but I'm focusing on endangered species.

Whiskers and Tails August 25, 2010 | 8:31 PM

We are in a very small town in Missouri. Trying to get media or any other form of attention to gain physical financial or even emotional support is like pulling teeth. I watch our biggest local news and see where a guy blew up his own house killing his animals and almost killing his wife and kids and people put together a fundraiser for the guy. We can't get five seconds of news time when we do something good like a huge event or something like that. The world is getting crazy (IMO). Small non profits are evidentally not important enough to be mentioned or in some cases - thought of. Good luck with yours. ReGina

Anne June 07, 2010 | 11:04 AM

The World Wildlife Fund is a joke. They wouldn't even sign on to protect endangered elephants. Why anyone would suggest this pro-killing organization as a reputable animal charity is beyond any reasonable person's ability to comprehend.

Cindy October 06, 2009 | 6:05 AM

While these are all worthy and wonderful organizations it would be nice to see an article to help the grassroots nonprofits that struggle on a day to day basis to do work for the animals. I am on the Board of a local SW Florida spay neuter clinic and it is a challenge as a daily routine

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