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Top 10 small breed dogs for people who prefer the tinier things in life

Vladimir is a regular contributor to PetMD, the largest global source of pet health information. PetMD's content is created by veterinary professionals and covers 9 different species.

Lap dog lovers, unite! The best small dogs have been revealed

Big things come in small packages? The smaller the dog, the larger the personality? You might agree if you've ever been the proud owner of a small dog, aka lapdog, aka pint-sized cuddle buddy that's attached to your hip. While the bigger breeds certainly give you more to love, we'd argue that small dogs can be just as loyal as the big pups — and they might have more fun too.

For apartment dwellers, families, busy professionals or those who aren't a fan of the big dog, here are PetMD's top 10 favorite small breed dogs.

10. Maltese

Lap dog lovers, unite! The best small dogs have been revealed
Image: Darrell Knetsch/EyeEm/Getty Images

A good dog for those with allergies (it's not a big shedder), the Maltese is friendly and often gets along well with other dogs and even cats. Just don't leave them alone too much, these companion dogs need human contact. Easily distinguished by their straight and long white coat; it may seem as though the Maltese has just stepped out of a doggie hair salon. However, over-coddling these adorable creatures can actually do them more harm them good, often leading to behavior disorders.

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9. Boston Terrier

Lap dog lovers, unite! The best small dogs have been revealed
Image: Tereza Jancikova/Getty Images

A great family dog, the Boston Terrier is friendly and bonds well with kids. Another plus is they don't require a ton of grooming. Instead, it just needs the occasional brushing to get rid of excess hair. But be warned, they love to munch on household items, so lots of chew toys are definitely recommended. You should probably keep anything you don't want destroyed out of this dog's way, too.

8. Pugs

Lap dog lovers, unite! The best small dogs have been revealed
Image: Melissa Thereliz/Getty Images

What's not to love? Their small, wrinkled face, short legs, and charismatic personality makes the Pug a comedic and friendly companion. And though they can be headstrong at times, the Pug is generally pleasant and willing to please. The dog's unique muzzle does make them prone to snoring and wheezing, so you may want to consider buying some ear plugs if you decide to bring this dog into your bedroom.

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